Roofing Sales?


Good word Pete.

BTW… Thanks Kevin for the info so far. We will talk again soon!


Hey guys,
I just started selling for a storm damage roofing company. I was really hoping to get a little more training then I got. I rode with a guy for one day looking at leads. They sent me out the next day…very green. Don’t mind knocking on doors as long as I know which doors to knock. Maybe I’m making it too complicated?

I see that Kevin, I think it is, is doling out good advice to us greenhorn sellers. Since I see nowhere to PM or email from, how can I get that assistance?

I’m a little over a week into this. Got three people to file claims, waiting to see what happens. Any advice is greatly appreciated.


Can you send me an email as well, will respond as soon as i get it, im new to the whole roofing sales business and i want as much help as i can get! thank you