Roofing Sales?


The reason the #'s & $$ seems unrealistic is because you are probably feeling the results of the large hailstorm that went through Central Texas last year in May, then the Houston hurricane & even Austin’s hailstorm last week.

YES, $$ can be made. A friend of mine made some really large money in the last two years… but he’s a workaholic, doesn’t enjoy (nor know how to enjoy) any vacations with his wife, & will be the 1st to tell you that he doesn’t have any hobbies.

Don’t think that he’s a boring guy, because he’s not. But like anything, the reward you get is based on the effort you put out. It just so happens that a decent amount of insurance money is flowing through Texas right now.

In sales, you eat what you kill. Roofing is no different. I’m doing better now because I have a network of prior customers built up & I get a decent amount of referrals & callbacks based on this.

Nothing is overnight, especially in this business.


GTP, Please email me when you have time at: ,Very interested in your sales techniques. Thanks parrish


gtp1003 can you send me some info @ thanks


The questions from page 8 that i asked for have been emailed to the last 2 guys. Please answer them so i can see where you are at in sales. Thanks. I copied the posting from page 8 so its a little blunt


sent you a p.m.


Emails have been sent


:slight_smile: I have 5 years experience in selling, but I have no experience selling roofs. Please send me the list of questions, and the information to help me get into this business the right way. email - Thanks!!


Look on page 8. Sales are the easiest low paying job or the hardest high paying job.


I could use any sales info I could get.
I’ve ran my roofing business since 1984 and have always been able to generate enough sales to keep busy
but with the down turn in the economy and the on slot of “have hammer will roof” people sales are getting harder to close
I’m always open to any and all suggestions.
Please Email me at


hello everyone i have been roofing for 15 years ,just started my own comnpany about 2 months ago things were going good til this week ,no work for a week. BUT i have 9 estimates out . any advice would be great for me too .


I dont mind helping but if you will not answer the questions i can not help you. Pm me with the questions along with answers and i will do my best to help. Thank you.


GTP knows his chit, fill out the questions and he can help you.


Axiom knows his rodents. Let him on your roof & he’ll go nuts.


Please for the last time please fill out questions when you contact me. If not i will not be able to hel you. And since i have posted this before its getting old. I dont want to turn away anyone but in the same tone please respect my wishes. Thank you and have a great day!


Here’s a thought:

If you can’t pay enough attention to see that he has (10x or more) asked that the questionnaire be filled out in full, then how can you expect to be a good salesperson?

It’s kind of like that quiz your 3rd grade teacher would give you where @ the top, the FIRST THING it says is “READ THIS ENTIRE PAGE BEFORE DOING ANY WORK AT ALL”.

Then it gives you 15 different questions with blanks & @ the very end, # 16 says “Write your name in the top R corner of this page.”

17 says “Do NOT do ANY OTHER WRITING ON THIS PAGE. Ignore questions # 1 through 15.”


Leaving a message here with out an email address will become IGNORED. I have stated this about a dozen or so time and is getting old. PLEASE READ THE WHOLE POSTING BEFORE CONTACTING ME.

What do you wear on estimates?

Do you park in the driveway?

Do you take your shoes off?

Do you have a folder with all your info in there?

Do you have any budget for ads?

What is the first thing out of your mouth when you answer the phone?

Do you have a good reference list?

Do you shave for the estimate?

Do you own a laptop?

Do you own a digital camera?

Do you know what a close is?

Do you get your own leads?

How do you talk to the customer?

Do you have a pitch book made with every answer in black and white?

Do you have cards?

How do you ask for the sale?

Are you willing to spend the time and money to make yourself successful?

Are you willing to talk to yourself in the mirror or another person practicing the close and pitch?

Do you know anything about roofing?

Do you call back the customer a few days later to see if they have any questions or concerns you may be able to answer?

Do you pre-qualify the customer on the phone before going to see them?

Are you the first guy in the door?

There are alot more questions i have but i will wait untill you contact me.

Please answer these questions via email with a phone number. Thank you and have a wonderful day!


I have put my emaill address and questions back up so there is not excuse for not sending the questions WITH the answers in the same place. Thanks you and have a nice day!


For some reason i did not make it clear enough. Got another email without the questions and answers. So i will say it this way, NO questions no respose back. Sorry to be this way but my time is valuable and i do not have time to play email games with people that really dont want to help themselves. I think your right ranch no one reads anything.


Hi, I am getting into roofing sales. I have a strong sales background and this is new to me. Can you give me any tips?


Yes, Kevin definitely knows what he’s talking about. He gave me a lot of “thinking outside the box” ideas. I would recommend sending him an email!