Roofing Sales?


I think some times you have to sell to get a builder to go with you especially if your trying to do work for a builder who is willing to pay for quality.

Take for example a guy I know who less than 10 years ago was a salesman/estimator at my lumber yard for one of my builders. One day he decided to start a insulation business targeted mostly at builders. Last time we spoke he had around 250 builders he did insulation for (he’s under 30). One would guess he had to do some sales to land that many builders in less than five years. One thing I know is that he’s connected to a huge network of people which helps to secure jobs. His father and Uncles all are business owners so who knows maybe it’s in his blood.

Doing sales for me is pretty easy as most leads are from refferals. Almost every jobs I do the home owner knows a person I did a roof for in the past. Very rarely do I see signed contracts, helps to stay away from the storm chasers tactics.

This year I’m only in one phone book which most of the leads are sent to either my Uncles or brother. I may go to 1 in 10 calls from the phone book if I feel like it’s a strong enough lead.

The other day I was talking to an adjuster who was in Michigan last year working the huge hail storm. He said State Farm looked at a map and said everybody on this side of the road gets a new roof and everybody on this side of the road won’t get a roof! He made mention to a large contractor in MN who I subbed from last Summer who bought a large construction company in Michigan and was wondering if anybody knew which company that could be. In MN the company is Superior Construction Services and the owner and his wifes also own 20-30 Service Master cleaning businesses nation wide.

Right now I’m booked with tear offs until the snow flies and my brother looks to be booked that long too. My two Uncles are starting to pick up work but their network is tiny compared to my brothers and mine.

It’s amazing to me that I’ve got past customers and friends who go around bragging up my name to their friends, family, and co-workers and don’t ask for a penny in return. You could say there my salesman who aren’t paid!!! My mechanic who’s roof I just did due to hail has gotten everybody on his block to go with me and now he’s sending me to other towns to take care of his friends and family’s roofs, which of course are all insurance jobs.

How many of you have gotten reffered to a place or business who was said to do excellent work but you found the customers service to be lousy? I have many times and it makes me think that you don’t have to be great at sales to be great at running a business that in fact requires sales to make work.

I’ve met business owners that are great at what they do but aren’t people persons. The people keep going back because they know they’ll get what they want and it will be right.

I think I’d rather be an insurance adjuster than a roofing salesman.


Sorry to hear that GTP,im sure she is in a better place. We will all face this someday.As well as we will see our family that has passed someday as well.


sorry for your loss gtp


Dougger, I agree with most of what you said. I liken it to an auto shop.

You might find a guy who is able to tell you how old your spark plugs are by what the dipstick smells like… but he sucks @ keeping the trains running on time; can’t keep the payroll straight, always owes one vendor too much & some of his employees are overbilling him on hours. The shop might not last long enough to honor a warranty (but then if he’s a great wrench then he might not need to honor many of 'em).

The other guy doesn’t get his fingers as dirty as he used to; turnover of employees is low, clocks get punched accordingly & bills are paid. This is the guy who might even have 2 or 3 other shops around town all under one name & one owner.

Which shop do you think might end up being the safer bet for warranty work? & Don’t tell me the first because we all know that every car ends up with issues from time to time, even with the best of mechanics.

Same goes for just about any other kind of business, really. There’s a thread on the Construction & Tech forum where a guy said something to the effect of “a real roofer is the one getting dirty, the other guys are useless.” I disagree a bit here, but then I do a bit of both. I don’t lay down more than a token amount from time to time & do some assist on tear off’s & sling shingles to nail gunners. Then there’s the time spent running for grub, decking, picking up a contract & deposit for the next job, meeting with a client, etc.

I can keep my guys working more days a week by selling the job & doing as much QC as I can vs. sitting on a single roof all day & not getting new work for the crew.

In the end, to the customers & to y’all, I DO call myself a roofer.

& That’s my take.


hi there, i’am new to the roofing buz but have done sales before. is there any advice and/or help i could get…for this rookie.



If you like sales , cool but if not sales sucks


sales definitely sucks…but its ok when theres no pressure


Sales only suck if you dont know how to sell.


everyone,I am new here. I need some help.
I sale roofing felt, I am contacting with many customers for a long time ,but how to let them place an order.


Wow… first Germany, then Scotland. Now - ??

Popeyelu, where are you from?

& If I understand you correctly, you sell felt but are having difficulty in getting customers to place orders? Have you gone into the felt manufacturing business, or are you a reseller of someone else’s products?

This will help us to help you.


I am from China, We are the manufactory , Our products is new to the roofing market. They are waterproof and breathable or heat insulation uesd for roofing felt. There are only five manufactories who can produce this in China. Please tell me how can I let our products popular to everyone.


[quote=“RanchHandRoofing”]Wow… first Germany, then Scotland. Now - ??

Popeyelu, where are you from?

& If I understand you correctly, you sell felt but are having difficulty in getting customers to place orders? Have you gone into the felt manufacturing business, or are you a reseller of someone else’s products?

This will help us to help you.[/quote]

Yes , I like this job, but I don’t know how to do it well.


well…most of us are from USA …so, first you would need to see if you can even import it here.


I want your help. I tried to email you and I got a mailerdemond. Please email me at


GTP1003, or is it Kevin,

I have not been on this board too much, but am active in roofing, marketing and sales discussions on several other forums, most notably one called contractor talk dot com.

If anyone has any wise information about sales, I am all ears, as I believe we never know what we don’t know. I just turned 50 about a week and a half ago, have been roofing for 29 years and owned my own company for the past 23 + years.

I want to know more!!!

I already sent off a partial response to your questionairre from home this morning and definitely am willing to share what ever I have that will help you out in any way possible.

Hope to hear back from you, or to at least recieve some informative response via e-mail.



Pen i sent you an email just now.


GTP I am a roofer here in Cincinnati and am interested in what you have to help in the sales dept. I love the sales aspect of my business and would be to improve in any way possible


Ok, please read the whole posting. Page 5 has questions i need answered before anything else happens also i need you to email me the answers. There is an email button under this psting for me.


Here i will try this again. Here are the questions i need answered before i can do anything. You will NEED to leave me a phone number so i can call you and see where and what is the problem with your sales pitch or lack there of. There is an email button on my posting just below the text. Copy and paste the questions and answers to an email and then i will contact you.

Leaving a message here with out an email address will become IGNORED. I have stated this about a dozen or so time and is getting old. PLEASE READ THE WHOLE POSTING BEFORE CONTACTING ME.

What do you wear on estimates?

Do you park in the driveway?

Do you take your shoes off?

Do you have a folder with all your info in there?

Do you have any budget for ads?

What is the first thing out of your mouth when you answer the phone?

Do you have a good reference list?

Do you shave for the estimate?

Do you own a laptop?

Do you own a digital camera?

Do you know what a close is?

Do you get your own leads?

How do you talk to the customer?

Do you have a pitch book made with every answer in black and white?

Do you have cards?

How do you ask for the sale?

Are you willing to spend the time and money to make yourself successful?

Are you willing to talk to yourself in the mirror or another person practicing the close and pitch?

Do you know anything about roofing?

Do you call back the customer a few days later to see if they have any questions or concerns you may be able to answer?

Do you pre-qualify the customer on the phone before going to see them?

Are you the first guy in the door?

There are alot more questions i have but i will wait untill you contact me.

Please answer these questions via email with a phone number. Thank you and have a wonderful day!


Can anyone send me the info regarding sales in this industry , I am thinking about getting into it. The numbers some people are telling me seem un-realistic as far as earnings . Any help would be appreciated