Roofing Sales?


As i have stated 100 times you need to email me and answering the questions on page 3 will help with what you know so i have a clue where you are at to better help you.


Unless you mean the pm i got i have not received any email. I will make this a lltile clearer for those who wany help. Included in your email the phone number you can be reached at and a time in the evening that i can call and work with you. Here is a sample of the questions you will need to answer so i can further help you with your selling woes:

What do you wear on estimates?

Do you park in the driveway?

Do you take your shoes off?

Do you have a folder with all your info in there?

Do you have any budget for ads?

What is the first thing out of your mouth when you answer the phone?

Do you have a good reference list?

Do you shave for the estimate?

Do you own a laptop?

Do you own a digital camera?

Do you know what a close is?

Do you get your own leads?

How do you talk to the customer?

Do you have a pitch book made with every answer in black and white?

Do you have cards?

How do you ask for the sale?

Are you willing to spend the time and money to make yourself successful?

Are you willing to talk to yourself in the mirror or another person practicing the close and pitch?

Do you know anything about roofing?

Do you call back the customer a few days later to see if they have any questions or concerns you may be able to answer?

Do you pre-qualify the customer on the phone before going to see them?

Are you the first guy in the door?

There are alot more questions i have but i will wait untill you contact me.

I will be setting up a page later on to help with this. I can not fix your problems without you helping me help you. If this is to many questions to answer then i dont know what to tell you. I should be charging like high bidder does but some people might not be able to use my style of selling so im not sure bout this. The page will be on dennis’s site


Please email me responses since the message system is not working correctly.


GTP - Yes to your ?'s


You must know alot about roof? if not you should probally get a assistant that knows the ins and out about roofing.
What sector are you getting into.
Commercial or residential?
I know for a fact that commercial roofing can get pretty comlicated with all the bylaws and such.


become a certainteed or g.a.f. certified roofer, and they’ll give you all the sales material you need to get the job done, we’re in a small area around here, but we sell 90% of our jobs, we went from selling about 50-60 jobs a year to around 120 last year using their selling tools, and we’re off to a better start this year.


Buster dont comment on things you dont know. Once again your in way over your head.


GTP - can you send me some sales info ?


If your selling 90% your to low. you should raise your prices.



too high …too low…i pay all my employees, 9 of them, pay all my insurances, my overhead, and still bring in around $2000 a week, CHRIST!!! how much do you think i should charge, my reputation and knowledge gets the jobs…not my “low” price, i’d stave if i was the cheapest bidder


And why would you need that tim?


would love to see what you got. Always looking to be better… the more you know the more dangerous you can be in the sales field.


The best sales people are the ones who have spent time working in the field,that way they are less likley to tongue tie themselves and are more confident and about what they speak.



Would someone on the board email me the professional roofing sales tips. TIA!


Sure, but where should we send the bill ?



why is everyone acting like it all that hard to sell a roof. Ive sold roofs, so what its part of the job.


Buster come to michigan and sell. Here it is sell or starve. Since you are a sub and you dont measure, order materials or sign anyone up you have no clue how to sell to home owners. So i really would keep your mouth shut and your fingers from typing what you dont know. When you get enough balls to go out and become a legal company and you sell your own jobs day in and day out then talk like that to me. Till then you could not sell icewater in hell you would f it up. All the guys here know that it is not the easiest job on the plate for anyone. WHen you can do it call me, untill then whatever you want-to-be.


In closing to your little 2 cents. WHen you sell over a million a year then talk to me.


The contracting business is like a three legged stool,sales,production and administration. It is hard to find someone who is good at all three.If you could it would be too big of a work load. Myself I would love to be a field guy but cant anymore. once in a while I will do a repair call or work on a crew just as theropy. but would loose money if I wasnt selling and doing administrative duties. I have also heard the analogy of a three legged stool as getting the work,doing the work,getting the $.
Happy Roofing



I do everything now but install. Knees say no more of that.