Roofing Sales?


I guess they just want me to do all the work no emails here. This is not the good ship lollypop.


Got any tid bits for us down here ? It seems jobs are out there , you just have to know how to reel them in . Some of us are less fortunate then others . There is alot of cut throat people out there undercutting , especially is this so with paying cash in piece work . Those are the people I want to get rid of . . . or maybe just get so busy that I have no time for them . What ever the case great salesman are worth their weight in gold right now !


Like i have said before if you want help email me and we can go from there.


you have e-mail


Unless you mean the pm i got i have not received any email. I will make this a lltile clearer for those who wany help. Included in your email the phone number you can be reached at and a time in the evening that i can call and work with you. Here is a sample of the questions you will need to answer so i can further help you with your selling woes:

What do you wear on estimates?

Do you park in the driveway?

Do you take your shoes off?

Do you have a folder with all your info in there?

Do you have any budget for ads?

What is the first thing out of your mouth when you answer the phone?

Do you have a good reference list?

Do you shave for the estimate?

Do you own a laptop?

Do you own a digital camera?

Do you know what a close is?

Do you get your own leads?

How do you talk to the customer?

Do you have a pitch book made with every answer in black and white?

Do you have cards?

How do you ask for the sale?

Are you willing to spend the time and money to make yourself successful?

Are you willing to talk to yourself in the mirror or another person practicing the close and pitch?

Do you know anything about roofing?

Do you call back the customer a few days later to see if they have any questions or concerns you may be able to answer?

Do you pre-qualify the customer on the phone before going to see them?

Are you the first guy in the door?

There are alot more questions i have but i will wait untill you contact me.

I will be setting up a page later on to help with this. I can not fix your problems without you helping me help you. If this is to many questions to answer then i dont know what to tell you. I should be charging like high bidder does but some people might not be able to use my style of selling so im not sure bout this. The page will be on dennis’s site


I e-mailed somebody . All well my E-mail is . My daytime phone is (386)437-2997 office , (386)931-6549 cell . I wouldn’t be this persistent if I didn’t want to learn a thing or two . thanks .


I had like 4 guys wanting help before i posted my questions and after my questions that i asked no one is responding. I guess if you dont want the help thats cool with me


if they ever want to be successful or good at what they do, they should learn from those who are !! Let them learn the hard way instead of the right way GTP !!


Sorry i did not get back with you its been busy. I will call you later on today and we can chat. Hey far as im concerned thats fine. More time for me.


sorry guys . . got busy for a few days . (imagine that) hey GTP are you going to forward any other info as per our conversation ? because I never received any other than those original questions . Which were very appreciated on my end , thanks


show me one thing ,trick or otherwise that I can use to close a deal . I don 't think there is a soul out there that can’t use something .


how 'about it tim ?


I had sent the package via email wehn we last talked. Send me another email so i can resend it. I appoligize for that. The other things please refresh my memory since i have alot going on and am busy. Chat with you later. GTP


you have email GTP thanks


And Tally you also have mail


tally = you are in good hands with gtp - if you want different perspective on anything… let me know.

GTP - Hooters friday for lunch ??? let me know. 11:30 ish works for me.


I have no clue what my day looks like on friday. We got a bunch of leads in yesterday and i dont make my own appointments right now. Dont ask i wish it was not that way but it is what it is. I will call you later today and confirm what i got going on i should know by then. Kevin


that info is much appreciated . Lots of ideas to gleam from. Thanks GTP


Not a problem Tally hope it helps. If you need any help just contact me. Have a good one. Kevin


Hey everyone! My name is Keith and I was wondering if anyone could help me out. I just got started in roofing sales down in Texas a couple of months ago and am in desperate need of any helpful tips or tricks of the trade that anyone could send my way. I have enjoyed what little experience and knowledge I have acquired thus far and would really like to be as successful a sales associate as I can possibly be, not only for my own personal benefit but also for the benefit of the company I work for. If anyone would be willing to help me out in this, I would be greatly appreciative. My email address is Hope to hear from someone soon! Thanks again!