Roofing Sales?



I was taught the goal is to get the customer to call and say, **“We are not calling for a price. We are calling to see if we can afford you.”



GTP, Please email me when you have time at: ,Very interested in your sales techniques. Thanks, Ron


Sent you an email.


Hello all, I am new to the forum and would really appreciate any help on selling and advertising! My business has been up and down like a rollercoaster and I need to find a way to make it more consistant.


I did quote him what he requested as.Shingle three tabs and three standard roof vents with 30 feet fascia and recoat on a one square flat roof. The wood work had some detail being located on a gable end right at the front entry.I should have wrote in an option for the upgrade for dimensional shingles along with a ridge vent. That what he went with.
I hate when that happens. :o
I also should have followed up with him sooner,he did get 5 other bids though.
The company he went with like many here in Florida has a crew of mexicansno speaka the engalesh’]8 to 10 bucks an hour for labor.
Thats ok my Forte’ is in maintenance and repairs anyways but will take on ANYTHING right now.
‘When In Rome ,do as the Romans do’


well roofer13 email me and i will see what i can do to help you.


GTP… I could sure use your advice with sales. Send me an e-mail if you get a chance.


Flat Top, sometimes you really need to approach the project as an impartial consultant… advocate on behalf of the roof, not the customer’s point of view.

I guess you could say that MY biggest fault is that I educate the customer to a point of saturation, however I really do want them to know what makes a crappy roof vs. a good roof vs. a great roof (& there are price points all along the way).

I’d like to say that all of my customers go with the “great roof” option, however that would mean they pay the extra for full felt removal & go with dimensional shingles vs. strips.

Quality does have a price, however it’s really up to the customer as to whether they like a “good, better or best” level of repair work.

Question for GTP: Do you like the “sell from the bottom up” or “sell from the top down” price point?
–The theory here on bottom up is that a customer will stop you when they hit their price ceiling.
–The theory on top down is they don’t want to look like a chump & while you can lower a price on the customer, it’s impossible to go back up.

roofing.quote[at] if you care to share with your ideas & insight.


Im a high bidder if thats what your asking. very rare im not the highest.


I could use that advice on selling please.


No offence tracer i would worry about becoming legal before selling the job. Please do not take that the wrong way i will help you but like i said you have enough on your plate to become legal as we speak. Email me and i will help.


No I understand by meaning legal your referring to my contracts problem. Because I am a Florida Licensed/Insured/Comp roofing company although I’m new at this I’m not a bootjacker
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You got mail.


Now you have mail


Hello gtp1003, I’m not starting up but I’m starting over pretty much. Trying to revamp the whole way I do business and focus on marketing and sales rather than bid and labor. Tried to look for the archives 'cause I really didn’t want to bother you considering this post is a year old, but didnt get very far. Anyway I would really appreciate your help as well. My email is

Thank you


Send me an email on what you are wanting to get better at exactly so i have a better understanding on what to say.


I could use that advice on selling also please.

Thank you!


can you please help me with some sales tips.

how to get more lead?
how to close most of my leads?
i have been doing roofing sales part-time for about 2 years,i just lost my full time job, So im going to tried to this full time.
the roofing company i work is a very small company i do not get any leads from them, i do all the marketing myself.

i will really appreciate any help i can get.

thank you


I should charge admission at the door for this. Have a how to clinic thing. As i have stated before please email me. Thanks


can i get 1 admission ticket please. Always willing to learn more.


Why not everyone can join. That will be 500 dollars tim. Thank you come again.