Roofing sales incentive question


Our company has a bonus incentive this year for anyone who hits 1.1 million in sales. A new truck or 40k bonus. This will be my second year. The question is has anyone here hit 1.1 million as a salesperson?


Depends on the market you’re in. In a storm market, if you’re worth much as a Sales Rep, should be relatively easy. In a more retail oriented market, more of a challenge but definitely achievable.

Beware though of the fine print. How do they define 1.1 million in sales? There’s so many scumbags out there who either purposefully delay builds and starve out the Sales Rep or lack the cash flow to handle the volume to where it is nigh on impossible to achieve the target. You might exceed the $1.1 M in contracts signed but if the incentive is defined by revenue built, you have little control over it.


We will be in a storm market. Last year I hit close to 700k in sales, and was the top salesman on the team. But, everyone said it was a slow year for storm sales. My brother is the owner of the company so he will shoot straight with me. Last year he was an owning partner and this year he split with his business partner and taking over. He has already created a designated call center exclusive to us to generate leads. Was just wandering if anyone here has hit those numbers.


How much of your lead acquisition are you responsible for? Easier if you are creating your own leads and not limited by what is supplied by your company. With the right pipeline and process, it’s completely possible and more.


Last year I acquired almost all of my leads thru canvassing, door knocking, etc. There were some company generated leads but they were from a third party company who would hit a storm hard for a few days, get us some leads, then move on to the next new storm. This year we will have our own call center so I am excited to see how it pans out.


I’d hit that door knocking hard and create a serious follow up plan. $40K bonus sounds wonderful. Do they give you some software?


Yeah it does. Yes, last year we used Acculynx which was extremely helpful. This year it will be a different program that interfaces with Beacon. Im not sure of the name but im sure it is something like acculynx.


I sold $1.3m and didn’t get any bonus :slightly_frowning_face: $40k woulda been great and covered my taxes! It was my first year in the business though so there’s plenty more to come!


I started my own business after getting burned a fancy dinner with my wife over a 800K deal. I’ll never work for anyone who thinks they can outsmart me. Their loss.


I’m not sure what it’s called either. We developed our own years ago and was so much more efficient than paper. I got a couple calls about the beacon apps in January.

Hit it man, I’d even look to canvassing old jobs for referrals in the neighborhoods. We run some pretty good targetted ads through Facebook and Google. Obviously there is cost to lead generation when you are looking to go above and beyond the referrals. There is a learning curve but it gets better.


i want to learn more about the targeted ads in google and Facebook as well. Gotta take advantage of social media. Yeah like I said last year was my first year. Definitely experienced the learning curve myself, learned from a lot of mistakes! Luckily no big ones


Where would you like to start?

You can set up both platforms for free.

Running a Facebook page with instagram attached is a pretty good direction to go initially. Facebook is pay for play with anything business related but instagram is still pretty open.

Google eliminated their social platform, Google+ but going on there and setting up a Google for Business page will allow you to share geo located posts and photos that pop up in the search results for free.

Then obviously you can add paid layers on top of all this with campaigns.


Dude I’ll help ya, where’d you go?