Roofing Question

I just built a new house and I had 30 years shingles put on my roof in June 2007 (7:12 pitch). I wasn’t overlooking the job and my roofer did not put the felt paper on even I had the felt sitting on the job site. He said it was too much slope and too risky too use felt and justified it.
Should I be really concerned about it?
How long my roof should be good for?
What is the difference its gona make, not using felt?
Bye the way I live in northeast Ohio. Any comment or suggestion will be appreciated.

If you have good ventilation all will be well.
Was Ice & water shield applied in the appropriate areas ( valleys, 4’ up the eaves, etc.)?
It is good practice to use felt, even required in most areas…

A roofer that doesn’t use felt in your area is probably a very poor roofer in general.
How is the over all quality of the installation?

if there is no snow on it can you post some pics? 99% of the time no felt is just a lazy roofer. if he says its unsafe he’s a rookie!!

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If you have a signed contract, does it state that new felt will be applied?

Did the contract in question state removal of any old felt?

When did this work start? Temperatures in your region don’t usually lend themselves to a December start date, but then it’s been a bit warm up North (I’m in Texas) 'til recently.

The first two might have a bearing on who has the upper hand here; you or your ‘contractor’.

& Yes, we’d really like to see some photos. Also, we like to find out what it was about particular contractors that induce customers to select them.

HI Terry I am a roofing contractor in North East Ohio. It is required by code to use felt or other as an underlayment. I have seen this done several times in this area. Simply put your roofing contractor is being cheap or lazy (probaly both). He saved a little time by not installing it. Because the code does requuire it you should make him tear it off and do it right PERIOD. I have torn off several roofs that had no felt and never leaked. However I have also torn off several roofs that did have felt as well some that did not have felt that did leaked. There are many factures that have to be considered to wether or not your roof will leak because of no felt. The greatest factor(s)being the unknown. If he didn’t install felt what else did he not do or did he do incorrectly. Contact the contractor (if you have not yet done so) and ask him why he didn’t use felt when the building code requires it? Alos what does your contract state? Since you supplied the material it may not state that he was installing felt however you did hire him as a professional of the trade correct? By not installing felt he is not a professional. Some pics of the house would be nice thanks.