Roofing question for house

Is there much of a difference between holes in the soffit or adding smart vent when putting on a new roof and plywood?


The under eave soffit vents seem to have more potential for getting clogged from insulation and other debris or dust.

Also, the main difference is in the continuity of the ventilation systems installed. The Smart Vent from DCI Products, Inc. is designed to be installed straight across the eave edge on top of the decking and under the shingles.

Under soffit vents have to be spaced properly to achieve a similar continuous airflow. They also provide differing intake ventilation NFVA per which ever product you install.

The key for the intake ventilation is to at least aqually balance it with the continuous ridge vent exhaust ventilation, and I say ridge vent, since that would be the most continuous fully balanced system along with the proper intake system.


If I had to choose? Soffit vents would be my choice. Both work. A little easier on the eyes. Smartvent has a low profile, but it is there. Soffit would require more work possibly. Not sure on costs.

:?: Not sure what you mean. Centered, front, back??

I believe that the under soffit vents should minimally be spaced between each set of rafters for a uniform and even balanced continuous intake airflow to transfer to the continuous ridge line exhaust product.

In my perfect scenario, that would mean as close to the eave edge fascia board in between each individual set of rafters, both on the front and the rear of the home, unless you are referring to a hip style roof on a home, then I would alkso include the additional intake vents along the side soffits as well.

That is why i prefer the continuously installed type of intake ventilation product such as a continuous strip vent or the under shingle Smart Vent.


IMO, the best option (expense is the biggest issue) is installing a Hardie type continuous ventilated soffit. Otherwise, to rip a slot & install the vinyl full run screen would be option # 2.

I do agree with Ed that proper spacing (for location) as well as the quantity of vents is important.

Then again, Ed & I rarely disagree on here.

ARMA (Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Assn) has a great detail for under eave vents in conjunction with ridge vents.