Roofing Professionals please HELP me!

Hi Everyone,

I am new to this site and was referred by my aunt here, i am in a predicament with my house as i am doing a cedar reroof in the northwest. My house is 80 feet by 40 feet two level with about 3000 sq feet of interior space.

I have got two quotes to redo my roof in the certainteed landmark 30yr or landmark TL. One is from the roofers who did my neighbours house next door, they quoted me 15000 for 30yr and 19000 for the TL when they were finishing up next door.

Now I called another company listed in the BBB for a second quote and they quoted me 22600 for the 30yr and 28,300 for the TL.

It is very hard for me to make a decision because of the large discrepancy in prices, on one hand if i go with the cheaper quote i’m scared that these guys might be cutting corners while on the other hand i also don’t want to overpay if its not necessary.

My question is pretty simple you guys are pros who know the actual costs and whats doable, which quote seems more realistic. My gut instinct tells me that there is no way a price discrepancy this large can exist without one of these guys taking the piss, but which one is it??? Please help me out as i am not exactly a rich guy and will be taking out a second mortgage to pay for this much needed reno.

Thank you very much and god bless

p.s. my house has a moderate to steep pitch and around forty squares plus is what i was told by my neighbours roofers. It is a modern gabled colonial designed house.


The qualtiy of work can not be judged from the price. How did they act when they did the neighbors roof? Anything offensive, drinking, loud, cursing, gauking at any women that walk by… Show up at the same time every day. Show up every day…

The difference in price could be several things. One is the guy does not have insurance or pay taxes. The one guy may be better then the other guy. The one guy may be slowly going out of business because he does not charge enough.

These are things we can not sort out. Go and talk to past customers. How did your neighbor pick him.

The 15k bid is about right. I just ran the numbers rough and came up with 16k @ $200 a sq plus materials figuring shingles at $75 a sq.
The discrepancy in price is understandable with the variables involved these days. The higher bid may not really need the work, or he looks at your house figures it will be a pain to do so bids high.
Give some more details and roofers here will run accurate numbers for you. Maybe a pic?
What is being torn off? Is the roof “cut up”? How much flashing, I+W. valley?
Also, get another bid.


We can not run accurate numbers for you.

We have not done a roof for $200 a square for years.

Usually cedar re-roofs involve a re-sheet as well.The second price doesnt seem to bad if this is the case.

$200 a sq was a hypothetical number and for Labor ONLY is absolutely doable for me.

Throw the prices out of your mind.

Go personally to at least 5 recent jobs that they each did and knock on the customers door and find out how they did.

Go check out a roof they are doing in progress, which you probably saw with the one company next door.

Go and check out an older 5 + year old job and see how it is holding up.

Check references. See the posts by Megan and Shandango for what they both are going through.

Check for General Liability and Workmans Compensation Certificates of Insurance and find out if their insurance is for Roofing Work or Carpentry or some other trade being misclassified.

Get references and check up on them.

How long have they been in business under the same name? Prove it to yourself.

5 years is a minimum for standing the test of time, but 10 years is much better.

Do they use employees or subcontractors?

If subs, are they licensed and insured as well?

Check with your states licensing board and verify who is the listed owner.

Get References and check up on them.

What does your gut feeling say about the two contractors that you interviewed?

How detailed for every step of the process is the written proposal and specifications>

Get References and check up on them.


Hi Krakkerjak,

Sorry,I miss read your numbers. I do not split labor and materials.

thank you everyone for replying i appreciate all the feedback. I have tried to do some research on the cheaper quote i got and couldn’t really find much on them they seem to be an independent crew they are east indian of nationality and the houses i have gone to see that they have done have all been owned by east indian families as well and most of the roofs are all new so i have not been able to see any roofs more than 4yrs old, and all had iko cambridge or iko slate installed on them. the families are all happy with the work and they seemed quite respectable when they were doing my neighbours roof. But really it would be too early to tell the quality of work since i can’t see any roofs that have stood some time.

With that being said i have found out that in my area roofers are charging about 475-500 square installed for 30yr shingles like the landmark and about 575-625 square for lifetime shingles like the TL, that includes re-sheathing with plywood. it goes up from there to about 700-800 a square for stuff like the camelot by gaf and higher certainteed lines.
(this info was given to me by a roofing store).

I am going to try to get a few more quotes this week to get a better understanding, but right now i’m leaning towards the cheaper quote since it will save me almost 50 percent and won’t have to borrow as much to pay for this reno. P.S. is the landmark 30yr and TL any different to install or take more skill to put on then the iko lines since that is all this company has installed and is probably what their roofers are accustomed to doing?

You will hear from everybody except the Canadians and some Seattle Roofers, that IKO is the cheapest garbage shingle product in the market.

No real professional roofing contractor would put their reputation at stake by using that stuff.

No dig at the Canadians, since the material is made up their, they might get better products than those that I have seen shipped to our area.


I agree with Ed, dont use the IKO shingles. They really are garbage. Recently gave a guy an estimate more expensive than the other one. He said we seemed more trustworthy in our eyes and told us that the other company quoted him for using IKO shingles and asked if we would do the same because those are what he wanted. We had to tell him no because we will not use them to put our name in harms way. That is how much I disaprove of them but thats only me. I would say to make sure to stay away from those shingles. I have never heard one good thing about them.

I.M.O. I would suggest that you get a few estimates,like Ed said…Don’t go with the lowest bidder and think that you will save money… Quality never costs,It pays! Look for a roofing co. that is known to replace allot of plywood…In my area there are allot of companies that drive by the ones that it is obvious that they need sheets…I did a tear off last year that was shingles over slate…They nailed into the lathe strips…That one I knocked on the door and asked for,lol…sold it for too little…My point is that allot of roofers are just that…Shingle installers,not sheathers…Don’t settle for low price, find the guy who will give you a quality job for a reasonable price…Better to pay allot once,than to pay a little over and over .Not to mention the damage that could be caused by someone who is not experienced with re-sheeting a whole roof…


Ask to see a Malarkey shingle sample. I live in AK and we use them 90% of the time. You can’t go wrong with them. :wink:


Like everyone has said stay away from the lowest bid. IKO shingles do not fair well in hot climates. Saving a dollar that you borrow today will only cost 2 dollars the next time. Bascially run from the low bid.

i lve in maine and put a gaf on in florida and its been through 2 hurricanes. 50 square strip and reroof 13500.

Hi. Compare more than price. Scope of work and quality of material will dictate price. Who is doing more for the price? I assume/hope that they both gave a well spelled out scope of work detailing exactly what they plan to do step by step.

You see a roof is more than just shingles. It is comprised of underlayments, and flashings and ventilations. Without these necessary components the roof will fail. Is one re-using any of these? DOn’t hire them if so!

I assume they are both installing ice shield? If so where? Gutter lines as the minimum code requirement (in my area) or valleys, and flashing areas as well?

What type of metal is to be used in the flashign areas? Aluminum, galvanized, kynar steel, copper?

Check out these links on my website. Your out of my area but it might be a good read! … ractor.htm … ingle.html

if your neighboor
got a good job,
then i would use that company
over one you dont know

sorry gtp.


I wouldn’t use IKO either. I recently did a roof using IKO because they had the only red architectural shingle I could get and there are major color problems with the roof. I checked the LOT numbers and they all matched but there are areas of this roof that look very “patchy”… I am currently having to deal with a rep from IKO and my distributor to get this situation resolved so it has been a big pain in the butt…

thank goodness the customer is very friendly and totally understandable…

Why are you not going back with a nice #1 Blue label premium cedar shake? Peronally I wouldn’t replace a natural product with a man made product.