Roofing pay for subcontractors in shingle

I’m a roofing subcontractor trying to find out what roofing companies are paying subs in Illinois, Florida and New Orleans areas. I would like to know what the subs are paying thier employees as well and how, by sq or by the hour.

What’s wrong w/ Chicago Mike? Seems like a robust city w/ plenty of work. If not, in this econmy, would things be much different anywhere else? If not, is it the weather? Or are your particular contractors low? If so, why?

rice & beans

3 Years ago when doing hurricane related repairs on the “Treasure Coast” area localized around Port Saint Lucie / Fort Pierce, crews were getting sub labor pay around 65.00 - 70.00 per square + steeps, 2 story, etc. (not a lot of 2 story houses down there & of course, this is a shingle price, not tile, metal, etc).

Very little call for slate in that neck of the woods.