Roofing paper and woodstoves

Just recently built a building. Cant afford to get the tin roofing put on yet, so for now it just has 30 lb, maybe 60, I got the highest number at lowes. Anyway I have a woodstove and was concerned about the flammability. I know its flammable because I have seen it go up in flames before pretty easily when held to a flame. But my question is should I be concerned about any embers from the woodstove falling and igniting it. Im sure it’s not a safely recommended thing to do but neither is half the stuff I do myself, just looking for some peace of mind, if it’s possible. I’m a worrier, and this kind of stuff keeps me up at night. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

Small embers shouldn’t be a problem, felt stands up to a torch for about 10 sec or so before it starts to smoke.

The felt isn’t going to hold up to the weather very long, a couple weeks if your lucky.

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There will be a significant reduction in the ‘fireproofness’ of the felt longer it is exposed as well. Put a scrap piece to fire and see for yourself. Keep some scraps outside and test them after 10 days, 30 days, ect. And eventually ask yourself: what are you going to do if the roof catches on fire and you are unaware of it?

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Thanks! I will do that and try to get it tinned asap.

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I miss the felt from 30 yrs ago, a 2sqr roll of #30 actually weighed 60lbs.


You do whatever you wish. I for one wouldn’t be living under a roof covered in paper felt with a fire in the fireplace. Is it a high percentage risk? Probably not. Neither is living in Chicago but it seems like about 30 or more people get shot there each week. Too bad you can’t do it over, you could have installed synthetic felt which is much better protection against weather and also much better fireproof rating.