Roofing Panel Question

Hello. I have an “A” frame house that was built in the mid 70s. The roofing beams are exposed and the ceiling/roof consists of 24" x 48" insulated panels that are 1.5" to 2" thick and very heavy. They have a thin vinyl finish on the inside that is exposed between the beams and they are “tongue and groove” so the panels “lock” into each other. I have 2 that i need to replace but have no idea what they are called, what they are made of or where to find them. My online searches have proven ineffective so far. Can someone maybe tell me what these panels are called or where i might find them?

I’ve attached a couple of pics showing what they look like on the inside. Probably not much help, but…anyway.

Thanks in advance for any help!!


might be gypsum. Can you cut into the ones you have to replace and determine what they’re made of?

Its called homasote.
It is hard to find.
But it can be had.
You just have to be very specific to whomever you call before you try to pick it up.
“Its dimensions are 2 foot x 8 ft.
And it is approx 2 inches thick.
Tongue and groove material.”
Make sure they confirm these details before you drive somewhere.

Its been a while, but i paid about 80 dollars a board for it.
If your two boards you need to replace are on top of each other, that would be perfect.
You would only need to buy one board.
And you have to take up two boards at a time anyway, so you dont ruin the Tongue and groove.
Google “Homasote roof board”


Thanks, roof_lover! I think you nailed it. I found this site and the picture looks very familiar.

The two I need to replace are on top of each other. So, as you say, one board should do it.

I truly appreciate the quick response and very helpful info. Now to find a place I can get it. Thanks!

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