Roofing leaked in room

Had roof leaked last.month it is a mess need to complete demolish bedroom the ceiling with abestos and the some part of the cause got wet.and mold on top of ceiling will insurance company pay for everything that was damage beside the roof. They tried to send me a check that was only 3k minus 1k that was deductible . But base on the work that gonna be done it would prob cost prob 10k for abatement 5k for ceiling and texture 5 for drying and mold and 5 k for new carpet will they pay for everything shit out of luck

Translation please? This is basically unreadable.


My experience is sometimes the insurance company will only pay for the inside work depending on what the situation is are usually don’t pay for any roof related services unless it’s wind or hail related
Whatever your case maybe if they are covering the roof and some of the inside work or most of the inside work I would say that may be pretty good

The IC should pay for covered events, such as a wind storm tornado, hurricane, hail storm, etc… They also owe for consequential damages from that event. So if a wind storm or tornado damages the roof and consequentially, the roof leaks damaging the interior, they owe for both.

Working backwards from that, why would they cover the interior without covering the part of the house that was actually damaged by the storm event leading to the interior? It makes no sense, it isn’t logical. If they owed for the interior, they owe to fix the root cause issue that was caused by a covered hazard. Of course, they will often try to weasel their way out of paying for it because that’s what they do and there are so many gullible homeowners and contractors that allow them to get by with it.

What should I do if they refuse to pay the inside and not the roof

If you are working with a competent Insurance Restoration Contractor, they could help. In your case, you’re likely going to need to contract a Public Adjuster to assist you.

I’m just waiting from for abatement company to come estimate then get insurance aprrove work then since abestos ceiling from room after they tear up the serpro would come and dry and clean mold then whoever come and do the drywall and ceiling and put light up just frustrated since taken so long it happen before Thanksgiving nothing have been done just work the sheathing on the roof rott mold and integrity of the roof

I would never doubt you on these insurance issues because you know 10 times what I do in that field.I do know in our area if the roof problem is determined to be from improper installation or material defect, they cover the inside but not the roof. It may be that we are not fully versed in dealing with insurance claims, which I readily admit is not my expertise.

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Now waiting for abatement company to scrape the popcorn ceiling and take carpet out after servpro come in demolish the ceiling and wall and put new and do the moist and mold hope nothing major then after let.dry for about a week then new ceiling light and carpet
Hope they abatement by th or fri then 5 days to dry then th or following friday start the replacement of ceiling and carpet prob job wont be done til late jan or end

Tileman, thank you for the compliments. I have great respect for your roofing technical skills.

Installation in general has nothing to do with coverage regardless of what an adjuster says. Example. Adjuster: “The roof isn’t covered from that wind damage because it wasn’t installed properly.” Response: “Really? Were those shingles blown off by wind or do you suppose they fell off?” Adjuster: “Well, the wind blew them off of course.” Response: “Is this Homeowner covered for wind events?” Adjuster: “Of course they are.” Response: “Then it has to be one of two things. Either the roof is covered and you owe for a new roof. If not, that means your company committed fraud by charging for coverage they never were going to provide. Your company had the opportunity to inspect the roof at any time and either did, and didn’t determine there was any installation problems, or didn’t which is on you guys. So what’s it going to be?” It’s an argument they can’t really win if the HO pushes for it.

Same type of thing if the insurance says they’re not covering for code compliance/upgrade because there is no “documentation” that the local Municipality enforces code. “Does the HO have ordinance of law in their policy? Does some portion of their premium go towards paying for that ordinance of law? Oh, it does? Kewl, then I suppose you either need to refund, on a pro rated basis, all the years you charged for O&L but apparently would never provide any coverage for it.”

You should see the look on the Adjusters face when you go through either of these scenarios. Kind of similar to the kid getting caught with their hand in the cookie jar. The IC’s write the policies, they make the rules. Then, they try to weasel out of paying what they owe. Unless someone who knows what they’re doing holds their feet to the fire.


Wish I would have seen your response years ago as I have obviously been chumped by a few adjusters along the way. By the way, a great reason to attend your seminars. I am going to save this post for further use. It is obvious you’re correct based on what is happening in our market. Insurance companies are doing drivebys on homes and then sending letters threatening cancellation based on excessive moss build up, granule loss, etc. Great for our business but indicators for their preemptive strategies as well. Thanks again for your diligence in this area.

We’ve all been pimped by an adjuster several to many times. Most of them get cocky about it because they don’t get called out that often. The thing to do then is to call them out when it sounds like they’re full of BS. I’d bet you’re well smarter than most adjusters.

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What specific product in your construction contains asbestos? Cement-based (non-friable) products such as shingles and siding do not require abatement procedures and containment and can be thrown into a dumpster provided that it is not broken up into pieces and creating a dust.

It’s a popcorn ceiling. I thought engineers were more attentive to details?

Tell me where the posting says that the ceiling finish as opposed to the ceiling panels contained asbestos and I will beg forgiveness. Also, you are aware that popcorn finishes do not necessarily require asbestos and that cement board panels on walls and ceilings can contain asbestos? If it is the ceiling finish that contains asbestos it is friable. If it is ceiling panels that contains asbestos it is non-friable. I did not see where the two components were differentiated in the post. I have been dealing with asbestos for 35 years. Glad to help.

Anything before 1980 is “considered” ACBM?

Thank you Norman and I stand corrected. I assumed popcorn ceiling and asbestos in the same sentence was always the same thing but admit that I am not on expert.

No - I recommend that you can send in a sample to a lab to determine for certain asbestos content.

Also, there are other means and methods to addressing popcorn ceiling asbestos (unless a buyer demands that it be removed) such as a spray-on vinyl coating or applying another ceiling layer.

As I re-read ALL of the comments this time, I see the comment about the abatement company scraping the popcorn ceiling so it makes sense that this would be where the asbestos is - the original post wasn’t clear.

I walked away from the cement - asbestos roof tear offs. Too many liability factors…

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