Roofing leads

I would like to know how to get more roofing leads. Is going door to door a good way to help my business. I know in the state of s.c. that I would have to give 6 days for the home owner to back out. If there is a way to get leads that are good and can make my business money would you please help.

Thank you all
Falls Roofer

I do not advertise or have decals on my truck. I am in the yellow pages. but that is all. Most of my work come from word of mouth. But business is slow right now.

name recognition can be huge!! advertise

I started out w/16x24" magnets and going door to door…Now I had the truck completely lettered,and I always here from people that they see my truck all the time…when things are slow I put out cards,flyers,and stop at anyplace that looks like it will need a new roof soon…1-3 yrs,and I leave my card…I have had major results from this. Now I just rented a billboard for 13 mo. and Monday I will get to see My name on 5’x10’ on the side of the road…I missed the yellow pages again, too busy to play phone tag w/them…I would recommend that you get your name on your truck as big ,and as soon as you can…Good Luck…