Roofing insurance detail

Is it true once a insurance company have people come and do estimate and when they start the job is it confirm that they will pay everything. Can they denied to pay after the work is done and force the home pay half or partial of the work done

Not if it is in writing.

Once the insurance has provided their “scope of loss” which is their estimate of the damages, technically, they cannot backtrack. However, it happens more often than it should. If work has begun, they have violated Promissory Estoppel which is essentially breaking their promise and to complicate things, after you have committed funds to do the work they promised to pay for.

This should be relatively simple to fix by the HO calling their Agent and mentioning a lawsuit for promissory estoppel and bad faith. If the Agent is useless, as is often the case, the HO should call the Adjuster’s Manager and start making noise. If they still don’t come to their senses, contact your Attorney.