Roofing Hatchets

Anybody have an older roofing hatchets?

I came across one in a tool repair shop and picked it up. I’ll have a picture of it up in a day or two.

Is there a difference between an old one and one you would buy today!!

Well, sometimes an older one of anything is better than a newer version of it.

I was wondering if what I came across is a gem or a cheap tool. It’s not to old, the handle is attached to the head with some kind of compound, but it’s nicely crafted.

Right now, I prefer Estwing. For wood, Plumb or Vaughn.

I have a design that I’m working on.
If all goes well, Stiletto may produce it.
I guarentee this…it will be the absolute best Roofing Hatchet on the market. It will be an accessory to a Roofing Gun.


seen tons of old ones on ebay

Good man!

Let me go check EBay out!



Found a few there.

They look like the hatchet I picked up (especially one of them).

I’m thinking about collecting them.