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In live in the deep south and want to replace my roof which is around 18 years old now (Regular Asp. Shingles on it now). What I was courious of is if some of the experts here could give me a rough estimate of whats high or not. I have gotten two different quotes so far, With the main difference between the two I believe is the shingles. First company charged around 4,800 dollars using O.C. 30 year Ar shingles. The second is wanting 8,000 dollars for the job with a 40 year Arch shingle. Both will be cutting in a new ridge vent (Doesnt have one now).

Some info on the house, Its a 4/12 pitch, apx 350 sq ft of roof edging, apx 60 foot of ridge venting on main peak. One estimate shows that it will need apx 33 squares of shingles, and both are using 6 nails per shingle. My issue is that its a pretty big price difference of course, and cant imagine that the difference between the 30 and 40 year shingles would make that much of a difference.

The low estimate is from a contractor that Im a little unsure of due to the age of the company and some other things, The high one is an established company thats been in business for over 50 years. The house I was told by the higher estimate guy was that it wasnt a hard job to do, and shouldnt take but a day to do.

So I was courious if the low one was way under bid or the other one way over bid due to possible them not wanting the job based on my location to them (Apx 30 miles away).

Any opinions are much appreciated.


You’ll be better able to judge if you get a third estimate. “Deep South” tells us nothing useful. Prices are very regional so list your city and state if you want any hope at reasonal advice on pricing.

to SlowJoe,
I’ll play devil’s advocate here. Joe, you see, all businesses were new at some point, so young company does not mean bad company. It does NOT mean the are unexperienced. Most likely guys were working for another roofer for a while and finally decided to go on their own. All businesses start that way pretty much.
Now on pricing: Like tar said, we do not know what is a going market rate in your neck of the woods. But here is how pricing works. Bigger company has more expanses which they pass on to YOU, while smaller co. is probably ran by a couple of guys who hire a helper or two or three. Bigger co. has advertising/office/insurance expanses that are much higher than those of a small co. where there is no secretary, and office is in the kitchen or the living room :slight_smile:
Large co. has a sales person who gets a cut. Small one usually does not.
Now all these expenses are paid by YOU. So the choice is yours.
Pros of a small co. - Usually you get the owner on your roof. Usually owners really care about quality since it is their biz and their responsibility. Workers - not so much.
Pros of big co. - peace of mind - at least in theory. No one guarantees that big company will uphold the warranty repair, although the common sense tells you that you are better off with them rather than with a small co.

Here is another thought why there is such a pricer difference. It is a common mentality of small start-ups such as roofing co. that you have a better chance to get a job if you low-ball. I had that same mentality before. Now i realize it is not all about price. It is service and quality. But there will always be people that go for the cheapest price. You see, there is a Russian saying - a cheap person always pays double. Don’t be that person, you’ll most likely regret saving a couple of bucks.
Bottom line: Give the start-up a chance. Get their references, go look at their jobs, check their insurance - both workers’s comp and liability (usually you get them from ins. agent, and the certificates should be in your name and current).

One MAJOR thing. Have them do 8 nails per shingle, not 6. And ask them for a bid on 40 or 50 yr shingles.

And good luck.

8 nails??? Would you put 8 quarts of oil in your car?


What purpose does 8 nails serve?

that is 4 in the nailing strip + 4 in the next shingle = 8 total. some folks do 3 and 3


That is not 8 nails, that is 4 nails. 6 nails is all 6 in the nailing area.

Thanks for the replies, The location is around the Hammond LA area. I do plan on getting another estimate but was just courious why the dramatic difference in price already. Another question, Bats can be a problem down here, and a friend had the problem of them getting into their attack via the ridge vents side opening. When I asked one contractor if they could screen it he said he never heard of that problem with them. I find that hard to believe as have had bats find their way into almost any smaller opening if found, not to mention wasps, bees etc. Is there anything that is made by the ridge venting companies that would address this when they install it ?


**Thanks for the replies, The location is around the Hammond LA area. **

No kidding? I roofed in the Mandeville/Covington area for almost 9 years. Been eight years since I left but people down in that area all get paid by the square. Call Campbells Roofing Material and ask for Kenny or Ricky. All the local roofers go through there. Shooting from the hip I’d say you’re looking at around 300 dollars a square on a 4/12 for a full rip and replace. But as I said, it’s been awhile so don’t hold me to that.

Ridge vent should come with end caps of some kind. Should not be an opening large enough for a bat to enter. Power ventilators are also an option.

$4000 for 33 sq. off/ on? Throw it out, or find out what is being left out. OR find out what YOU think the value of his warranty will be.
If it sounds to good to be true, it prolly is.
If he is lying about insurance, permits, quality of crew etc. in the sales process, then it’ll only get worse if there is a problem
I’ve go think there is about $2400 in material.
Leaves about $1600 for what? How many manhours?

OK since you are in this deep, I can agree about getting another estimate. But rememb, you will have to live with this “one day Job” for a long time (hopefully!)

"Bottom line: Give the start-up a chance. Get their references, go look at their jobs, check their insurance - both workers’s comp and liability (usually you get them from ins. agent, and the certificates should be in your name and current). "

And BTW: check out the Established company too. They may be getting by in an underhanded way. OR they might be golden and worth every damned dime you pay them

Thanks again for the help/info !

I also felt that the low bidding companys info in general, just didnt jive like I would want them too. Checking them our with your local BBB is a big help in seeing what their info is and if they are DBA as someone else too. I got another quote today from a company thats local and been in business for years as they did my in laws house in 1999. His was for around 5900 for a 30 year AR shingle (CertainTeed) with everything else included in the first post as well. That to me seems abit more in line of what I thought the price would be.

It definetely pays to get three estimates for sure. :smiley:

Thanks Again


Why did you not call them in the first place?

You seen their work. It has been in service for 8 years with no problems.

Yeah. Why not?

Firstly, They dont list themselves as a roofing company, but a Lumber/supplies co. So wasnt sure it was them that had done the work for my father-in-law or not. I would have asked my Father-in-Law himself but he died a few years ago, and my wife was able to find the contract the other day.

Hope that explains why. :?

tell the high end guy to install 30 yr shingles
for 7 grand, and he can have the job.

the 4grand cant be rite.
mat are atleast three.

ask the low guy why he is so low.
maybe he has mismeasured.

2 bucks a sq is a good # rite now in the s/e u.s.


[quote=“SlowJoe”] Checking them our with your local BBB is a big help in seeing what their info is and if they are DBA as someone else too.

that doesnt nec. mean anything bad.
i became an LLC this week, but couldnt get the name “MARSHALL EXTERIORS” which the entire world (or at least the whole finger lakes region) knows. i have invested thousands in my company name and recognition. but it was already registered with the state from like 1960. so i had to choose another name and then DBA that name to marshall exteriors.

I agree, DBA’s doesnt mean anything bad, but does help try to keep up with how many companies are connected to one. Just when you see one company listed as also four other companies doing more or less the same thing, it does make you wonder why or at least myself.

in my case its all the same company. i just had to do it to keep the name. my mortgage company made me become an LLC before they would give me the loan to build my new office building (coming this spring…yaaaa). sorry its 4 degrees out and i have a.d.d.

a 33 sq. roof, rip & re-shingle should be close to $10,000.00. although the pitch isn’t that bad, we did a 34 sq. for 10k.