Roofing diagram

Im having some problems with diagraming some roofs. They are pretty much all 10/12+ and atleast 2 stories. Is there any websites you recomend using. I had one friend who told me about one that you can pay them about $50 or so and they email you the diagram im just not sure of the web address. Does anyone know what im talking about or can help me out here???

What kinds of problems are you having?

I just did an estimate for a 2 story, 10/12, 12/12 roof with 3 layers on it. Climbed right up the valley measured everything with my Tape Dolly, counted the layers, checked the decking, etc. Gave them a bid right there. What kinds of problems are you having?

Seriously, what are you asking? I use AutoCAD for drawing roof plans, and I use a tape measure or measuring wheel for dimensions. When I only need approximate numbers, I use the ruler feature on Google Earth.

If any of you guys haven’t checked out Google Earth, I highly recommend you do so.