Roofing detail, any suggestions?

We are considering purchasing a fixer upper as a rental property. Unfortunately, roof leaks. Looks like Katrina roofer was a hack job, this is when it was re roofed last. You can tell hack job by them using laminated shingle for ridge beyond the vent. I think we will start over with better quality shingles. Roof is not very steep, but I think over 4/12. Wanted to inquire about the detail below where the hip roof’s fascia touches the ridge of the gable roof addition. First, this funky flashing has no step flashing. I also think it is huge and may be the source of leak, I was going to step flash in its place closer to the actual connection of the ridge and flash below fascia board above the gable ridge, then ridge cap over last flashing for looks. Any suggestions?

Remove the flashing that is connecting the 2 roofs.

Remove the siding and install new step flashing on both walls, the fascia over the ridge shouldn’t need to be flashed if you can get shingles & cap under the soffit all the way to the wall.

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Thank you. I am not sure how much clearance there is between the roof and the ridge. The roof was built with tongue and groove pieces. I almost think I need to fit as many layers of shingles under the overhang up to the wall. And once I run out of space at the roof to soffit intersection, do my last piece of step flashing with soldered copper lip to eliminate any possibility of driven rain (hurricane country, coastal region). Then for the peak itself, solder a single piece together that will bend to both sides of the roof, with vertical portion overlapping onto hip roof below underlayment and shingles. There should be no chance of water getting in at that time. The last step flashing with the lip - will make roof side long enough that it is overlapped with ridge flashing.

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Check the 5th and 10th shingle down from the ridge on the left side. Other than that, step flash the wall as mentioned and counter flash with stick aluminum.

Unfortunate this was done to any home. I would imagine the entire roof was done poorly if they don’t know how to flash a roof. If you’re going to tackle project yourself, the flashing of siding wall like mentioned above is crucial. Be sure to replace the barrier under siding if needed. All too often people put metal to wood without proper protection from felt or Synthetic house wrap. Also as trivial as this may sound please pay very close attention to where you place your nails for two reasons. 1) each architectural shingle manufacturer makes this nailing area size differently 1/2”-3/4” wide. 2) you mentioned tongue and groove so leads me to believe nailing will be an issue on some courses going up the roof as you go. Take your time and do it right and your time will save you money in the long run.

3 options I would sell to customer

  1. Copper flashing option with grace ice and water new shingles

  2. New shingles grace ice and water 7by9 step flashing. The. White coil stock over the board trim board that is there to finish it off

3 New shingles grace ice and water 7by9 step flashing. Pvc board over flashing to finish it off

  1. The other route but not might look so good. White vinyl siding

Your shingle color is GAF TIMBERLINE SHAKEWOOD

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