Roofing Coverage, does carrier owe twice?

I am representing an insured who filed a claim in 2010 and was compensated for replacement of the front slope and repair on the back slope. She filed again in 2013, for a roofing claim, but did not replace the front slope, she just did a repair on the front slope. I am representing her as an insurance appraiser and heard from another appraiser that technically the carrier owes the ACV of the roof regardless of whether she replaced it or not because she paid her premiums. I was also informed although technically correct, it’s a hard argument to make and win, I just wanted to see if anyone else had some input. Thanks for your time in advance.

  • Brad

I’ve heard arguments both ways. For one, it may depend upon State laws. I would think the HO should take their policy to an Attorney to get the correct opinion. Even then, policies and insurance law is so ambiguous, there may not be a straight or unequivocal answer available.

In my own experience, any time we were involved in job/claim where something similar occurred, the insured was not paid again for the repairs previously paid for.

I would assume your HO did not receive the RCV portion of their claim in 2010?


I do not believe she received the RCV.

I appreciate your response. Thank you

I’ve heard some pretty strong arguments that she would be covered again. The Insurance continued to collect premiums so they may very well owe for it.