Roofing contractor - Delaware / old nails / underlayment

I’m looking for a roofing contractor in Wilmington, DE, zip code 19810. Does anyone have any suggestions for a company that will do the job right? It’s a residential home that will get asphalt shingles.

A couple questions also:

  1. If I’m getting the old roof removed does it mater if the old roofing nails are removed or just pounded into the decking?

  2. Does it matter if the synthetic underlayment is “breathable”. Deck Armor appears to be while Titanium UDL and RoofTopGuard are vapor barriers which could be bad for mold. Does this matter if the attic is properly ventilated. Is it safer to go with the breathable underlayment to prevent mold growth. Thanks.

nails may be pounded if in solid.Loose and bent ones should be pulled.Synthetic underlayments are great if adequate ventilation is acheived.

ditto johnk