Roofing contract

Starting a roofing business in Houston have everything in place but missing need a good contract for my company does anyone know where I can get one I’m not sure the one I have is covering everything to protect me.

Hey Chris. it’s sort-of a weird thing with any contractor. They don’t like giving any trade secrets to anyone. You might find a few, but for the most part, they consider it very personal. Our company spent several years and a few trips to our local law firm to come up with a contract that suited our needs and conformed to Texas Law. We send a copy of our contract to the same legal firm every couple of years and they inform us of anything that needs to be changed or added.

Funny thing is I had a homeowner show me another companies bid once and I had to radio the office and tell them, because it was almost a duplicate copy of ours. “Somebody gots some splain’in to do!”

Are you talking about bonding/insurance etc or are you talking about a items on a proposal form contract???