Roofing cement vs silicone

I have a 15 year old asphalt roof. Upon recent inspection, it seems there are many nails left exposed on the ridge cap. None of them are leaking at this time, but of course I want to cover up those nail heads. I’ve looked online and I hear a lot of back and forth on which is better. Silicone or roofing cement. I’ve heard silicone is more flexible, but I’ve also heard it will shrink/pull away eventually from asphalt. Then again, I hear that roofing cement will eventually crack. Any opinions are appreciated. Which is best, lasts longer, etc. Thanks, guys!

Dont use silicone on shingles, roof cement or other roofing caulk will be fine.


Urethane based (PL brand at your big box) or tri-polymer (geocel) are both more effective than sillycone or old school roof cement.

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use anything you have ,its just ridge caps.

I don’t use silicone on anything permanent


Silicone should not be used on a roof.

Cement cracks because it shrinks as it dries or from excessive movement of the substrate. A dab of cement thick enough you can no longer tell where the edge of the nail head is enough to last quite a while.

Urethane and geocel are also good and you can get them in multiple colors, but if your shingles are excessively dirty, dusty, or degranulating all of these will come off.

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Thanks for all of the opinions! It really helped me out.

Silicone being a polymer, continues to cure, and ultimately divorces from the surface as it shrinks.