Roofer's needed

Need 4 experience roofer to work for my roofing business. I will need one crew leader. I work in clover sc. I can pay a good roofer $10-$13 and crew leader $14-$18 hour. please call 803-222-7035 or 1-877-212-7035.

Wow, I was getting 15-21 dollars a square 10yrs ago just outside of New Orleans. Your hourly pay down that way is like 2 bundles per hour? bleh. I can nail way, way faster than that.

BTW, wrong forum for help wanted. Try classifieds.

cost of living here is not as high as it is there or something.

I pay my good installers $30-45 an hour. The good laborers earn $20 an hour. Then again all are family so it’s a way to share the money I guess. Then again all my workers are “good”.

Thats the going rate there?That just seems reaaally low.Minimum wage where I’m from is just about $10.Rent must be really cheap,I know foods not!!

if you were in florida ide call ya.
ive sold 4 roofs this year and 2 of them
are taking there time getting to the start point.

lot of people out of work were im at.
so thanks anyway.


minimum wage here in sc is $5.75 a hour.