Roofers Looking for work

hello just a lil about our crew we r a 8 man crew with a 15 yrs experience and all of our tools our own trailer and transportation also we have worked in different areas of the us like Oklahoma, Atlanta, North Carolina,Houston Texas, St.Paul Missouri, Louisiana Mississippi,Alabama and now where ever work calls there we go so if u got work just give us a call and u can be sure that for the right price we will be headed ur way so please call me or e-mail me @ 256-829-2184-


Dont come to michigan, there is not enough work as it is. GOod luck with your finding of work!

is it cold in michigan now or when does it get cold … but no was not planning to go there thanx ne ways… :stuck_out_tongue:

looking here too bud i have 4 man crew in iowa willing to go anyhere to work you can call me at 5634513780 or email at

well have u thought of going to huston tx my husband went out there. And the work is good if u fing the right company they r paying up to $50.00 x sq to starting on a regular pitch my husband has been there for 3 weeks almost and i tell u now houston is the place to go …

Tinkerbell what company has your husband hooked up with… I am an experienced residential roof estimator looking for work with a honest company around the Houston area… I currently live in Florida and have worked several hurricane disasters in my state

Thanks Dave

Got lots of it and the best company to boot! 877-784-7663

Hey dave there is a company good company by the name of Huneycutt Roofing and as u see here Aspen Roofing call I can bet will get work as a sales man try Huneycutt first ask for Dave Arnette

so i wood like to go down there in like three or four weeks i’m working in columbus oh right now.