Roofers left this on new shingles?

It’s been two weeks since our roof replacement and they ran two bundles short on “hip and ridge” so waiting on them to come back to finish the job. Any idea what this is that has been left on our roof? Will it damage the shingles if left up there?

It’s a roll of underlayment. It won’t hurt anything staying up there till they return to finish.


It won’t damage the roof but its risky to have it on the roof. It can roll off and hit someone.

I put a beam of heavy wood 2x4’s on my roof to hold down a tarp and the wind and rain was still strong enough to knock it off the roof.

[quote="MrTeesla, post:3, topic:26117, full:true It can roll off and hit someone.


More inexperience giving advice having no idea what you are talking about.

The only thing moving that roll in its current position is a human or a tornado.


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Indeed, today I learned that nail techs consider a 2x4 to be heavy.


That roll of felt there is a hazard

Oh i am your huckleberry.
You are a complete doofus.
You are not intelligent enough to install a tarp on a roof.
Which is a “sail”.
You think 2x4 is heavy lumber beam?
Any good wind would blow that off.
You thought the wood was heavy.
Are you even a man?
You thought the wood would hold the tarp
That is because you are inexperienced and have no idea what it takes to install a tarp properly or give any advice on roofing
Ive never used wood to install a tarp.
And i do it for a living.
But you are the smart one with credibility.
This is getting funnier and funnier.

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If it was identified as a roll of felt
I agree it could be a hazard
Rolls of felt roll.
But this isnt such.

MrDoogydoo wouldnt even be confident enough to lift this material up and carry it to the edge of the roof and throw it off.
Too wimpy, hurt his nails , might slip off.


lmao. Like I said, some of you guys have lost all credibility. And Ive gained it all. Look at how roof_lover is typing now. lol

It really doesn’t matter what it is. The shape of that thing is a hazard to the homeowner.

You have now gone from being amusing to being a complete fucking loser. Risk of injury to near zero? Wrong trade. I won’t acknowledge you past this point nor should anyone else so you just disappear and show up on a nail tech forum. You aren’t even relevant here other than being an irritant and you wouldn’t last 5 minutes working with anyone on this site. Please no one respond to this pantywaist anymore.


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That roll isn’t going anywhere, while i wouldn’t want it up there permanently, it is nothing to worry about.

I am convinced your just here to annoy people intentionally. Your response to Tileman (generally everyone who called you out) is so way over the top your intent is clearly to create drama.

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That roll weighs upwards of 80 lbs and it has a flat spot from be laid on its side as opposed to standing on end.

It’s not going anywhere.


I agree with the actually experienced roofers, your roll will not go anywhere.


That maybe so, but it is still a potential hazard.

If this was your own house, I wouldn’t worry as much. But this is for paying customers.

So I wouldn’t leave it up to chance.

After further research,
And thinking and 30 year actual experience with roofing.
Not reading about it… while doing my nails…

This material was intentionally left on the roof,
next to the chimney.
To cover the base flashing at the time that they would come back and install the copper counter flashing.

If they threw it off the roof, they would have to carry it all the way back up there.
( because they are not done with it)


GTFO with your logic n stuff! (sarcasm)

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