Roofer went out of business


Hey guys,
Probably not much i can do but had some repairs done on my home 2 years ago and the roofer wrote on his contract that i had a 3 year labor warranty on the repairs. He has since gone out of business under that name and now operates under a different name. He has not returned my calls as the roof has been leaking. Is there anything i can do?..i have read that i am out of luck if the roofer goes out of business is this true?..Thank you for your time.


Sad to say but if he has gone out of business then yes your on your own.


gtp thank you for replying…i thought i might be out of luck as usual…the only other info i left out of my previous post is that i recently found out the roofer was not licensed when he did the repairs in my state…is it worth it for me to pursue this in court?


No its not worth it. Next time you should require he furnish you a license and insurance. Don’t just take his word for it. And watch out for the low bidder too. Was he the lowest price when he fixed your roof?


theres a big shocker! :roll:


I would put a huge sign on your car that says
John Q. Public ripped me off on roof repairs…
and drive around in front of his job. park on the street,
go where he goes to lunch, basically shame the beejeezus out of him.


It may depend on whether or not he operated as a Sole Proprietor or as any form of a corporation.

As a sole proprietor, it is his name as an individual that backs the company, regardless of the tactic of changing names.

Speak with an attorney if you want to chase this con-artist.

But, is this the type of person you would want to be doing warranty work for you anyways, even if somehow you forced him too?

You might have better luck in small claims court, where, if you have to hire another licensed contractor to take care of a warranted problem, the court may require this CON-tractor to be liable for the funds you were required to spend, that otherwise would have been free under the warranty coverage.

What type of warranty issue do you have going on?



Lets not jump to conclusions guys. Why in the world would he guarantee a repair anyway ?? does your auto mechanic warranty your old beat up car if he does on repair on it ? I think not. A patch is a patch no sane roofer warranties it. A warranty is for a new roof !


he wrote on the contract “labor guarantee for a period of 3 years on the work performed in the area of the leak”…ed he was a dba i believe but is now an LLC. I paid 1300 for the repairs just looking to get a refund to get a real roofer in here. The area has still been leaking. The guy did come back once and said that the roof was not the problem that it was my siding. Siding guy says it is not his problem that it is the roofers.


I have always been under the opinion that…
If you touch it…you own it. So, if I charge you for a repair, and it doesn’t rain for 4 months, as in some areas, if it leaks when it finally rains…Im going back. If I tell you 3 years, and my work held up…then we have a new service order, but at least for the first service call, I’ll show up to loo0k!!
If you put an $800 brake job on my truck, and I start having brake problems…yes, I’m gonna visit you about it.


It is not a point of why would he warranty any repairs, but if the OP is accurate, that he in fact DID warranty the repairs.

Now, that seems just plain senseless to me, because a roof that requires repairs either is getting on in years or was installed faulty. It seems obvious if either condition is true, that another leak may develop, totally unrelated to the current patched area, but close enough to seem the culpable suspect.

Since he may have operated under a DBA operation previously, and since he is still the same individual that was the person Doing Business As, then there still is some liability on his part.

It may only be that he inspects the area and determines that another area is causing new problems, but we all know that a hack version of a repair is a tube of caulk, a trowel full of roofing cement and maybe one shingle. Hacks repairs don’t last.



I know that homeowners can really milk the
repair guys for as much as they can when they’re getting insurance estimates, and the OP hasn’t really stated how much he paid for repairs, nor how old the roof is/ was…but, let’s say a two year old roof has leaks around the ridge vent, and some chimney leaks, and damaged sheetrock because of it, etc, and a claim is filed…the owner most likely is looking for a guarantee that once he pays to have the roof fixed, he can be assured that there is a guarantee that it’s fixed and can go ahead and repair/ paint. We don’t have enough information to really criticize the out of business roofer, but it sounds like he made a living out of doing repairs with a long term warranty and it all caught up to him. I wouldn’t care what name a guy goes by in business , if he looks me in the eyes and tells me he’ll stand behind his work…I’ll persist!


I always have to laugh when a buisiness goes belly up, and opens with a new name,in the same location, same buisiness,doing the same thing with a different name…
Who in their right mind would work with them…
In my area their are plenty of (choice) builders that have done this, and most of the time it is do to poor quality,and too many problems,and they change names after a few years when the problems have piled too high to deal with…
If the problem needs to be fixed , I would call a pro in , get it fixed ,and give the bill to the original CONtractor…Get pics of problem,and make sure that the problem is from what the other CONtractor did before you do anything else.
I have also been on jobs that the H.O. bad mouthed another roofer for a problem that had nothing to do with what the first guy fixed,he was just not thorough enough when he was fixing it.


How far along is the original roof? Any reason you didn’t contact the original roofer?

I would think that after 2 years and the leak is just now showing up then who is to say it is the same leak fixed by the Roofer in question?

I may make this reasonable assumption, the roof needs a new one. Repairs have been made and its probably time… sight unseen.


I would think that anyone would return a call from a past customer. I did a repair for a guy, and 2 yrs later he called me, I said my repair is leaking? He said no it is leaking in another area, I sold him a new roof $12,000.00 for 33 sq. 1 layer 2 story walker…ALWAYS go back…He also happens to be 1 of my best referrals …


I don’t like that the guy didn’t call back, regardless of where the leak is coming from. We all make mistakes from time to time and leaks happen. Sometimes they happen when there is no mistake, i.e. dormer framed close to the roof, wind driven rain etc…

If you don’t atleast go out and assess the situation you can’t expect to be in business long.

Also, repairs suck. Warrantees are for new roofs RooferJ.



So this roofer does a repair, goes out of business only to open up a new business in the same area doing the same thing. You have a leak while the roof is under warranty and you call him with no responses.

First of all you surely don’t want this guy on or near your roof ever again. Because whether he should of warrantied the repair or not he still didn’t respond to your call. Therefore he doesn’t care about fixing it and making it right or any future business from you or his reputation.

You most likely are not going to get any money out of this guy. he is operating without a license and went out of business. If I were you I would spend my time and money on hiring a good contractor who can solve your roofing issues. Do yourself a favor and get several estimates check out each contractor individually and don’t go with the lowest bidder.

If you need an entire new roof get 5-7 estimates. Throw away the highest and the lowest and choose from the remaining contractors.


atta boy!