Roofer under warranty but roofer cannot find the leak


So not only did we get flooded Saturday and our insurance won’t cover anything, but our new roof leaked in 2 places in the living room, leaving spots on the ceiling the size of dinner plates. We had that roof redone 3 years ago (because it was leaking) by a contractor and called this same contractor, since his work was under warranty for 5 years. He came today and went in the attic and on the roof, searched for about an hour and told us he could not find the source of the leaks and therefore could do nothing, and left us like that. When we go in the attic we can see some wet rafters where the roof meets the eaves, but since it’s a spot where it’s impossible to crawl since it’s so tiny, we can’t see where the water comes in. We figured the roofer would be able to, but apparently not. Since the roof he installed is under warranty and failed, do we have any recourse here? It was paid partially by insurance under a claim, so if we tell them about the situation, can they do anything? With all the floors to replace and the damage by the flood, anything like suing him is out of the question right now…


Can you post photos of the roof? We can’t comment unless we can see it


The leak probably occurred due to heavy, wind blown rain. Some workmanship warranties don’t cover that. Without photos and more information, difficult to tell what happened.