Roofer has me concerned - need some advice from the pros


We had a delay in pre-inspection (paper is down waiting for inspection) but rain is in the forecast.

To prevent any issues, the roofer brought up some large tarps and nailed them to the deck, through the new underlayment. There are likely ~50 nail holes now in my newly laid underlay.

I suspect he will pull these nails leaving he holes behind and then just lay shingles over them.

This is my concern - since the underlay is now compromised, what (if anything) should be done?




It is perfectly acceptable to remove the tarp and simply shingle over the underlayment (holes and all). When he nails on your shingles he is gonna put thousands of holes in your new underlayment,that’s thousands of places that would leak if water ever gets under your shingles (which if the shingles are done properly won’t happen). From my understanding in Canada its not even code to install underlayment at all on new builds.


Islandroofing- not just on new builds. Where I live in Ontario, building code only requires a single row of #50 or ice and water at the eaves. Only up to 7.9/12,if the roof is 8/12 or better we don’t have to use anything.
Very, very rare to see full paper on new work, most half decent roofers use paper on replacements these days. Lots of guys still don’t.

Ballnchain- your roof will be fine, your Underlayments primary purpose is to protect your house during the process