Roofer "fixed" exposed wood with caulk should we install kickout flashing?


We just had the roof replaced on our laundry room that extends past the original house. We’ve had a number of concerns with the final project, but this is most concerning. Where the new roof meets the exterior wall (alum siding), it seems that the drip edge was cut too short and about an inch of plywood was exposed. We asked the contractor to come out and fix it and he basically just shot a bunch of caulk in the area. You can still see part of the plywood. I’m worried that this is leaving an opening for snow and water build up to rot out the roof. Also concerned that this might not be appropriate to pass inspection if we sell next year. We live in PA. Any idea what is the best approach for the corner? One roofer recommended we install kickout flashing. We will probably just try to fix it ourselves at this point.


The easiest and correct way to fix it would be to slide a 12 inch piece of drip edge on top of the existing drip edge with a 1" bend on the face at the end where it meets the siding. As you slide into place tuck the bend behind the siding. Lift the bottom course of shingles up and put 2 nails into the new piece then either zip screw or rivit through the siding into the face bend behind it. You are then left with a nice tight corner where you can put a small bead of caulk either matching the color of the drip edge or the siding. Personally I would make the roofer come back to do it before paying the final of you haven’t already.


Thank you for that detailed description! Unfortunately, this was his fix and I’m not sure we want him to work on it anymore. After a series of events, I ended up paying him before I noticed this, so I don’t really have any leverage.


Kickout flashing is critical to prevent rotting wood issue. Caulking is only a temporary fix.