Roofer didn't repair raised shingles/uneven roof

Hello All, I am hoping to get some opinions on the condition of a roof for a home that I am considering purchasing. I had a home inspection and the inspector noted the that the flashing was cracked, some shingles lifted and the roof is uneven in some places. Hopefully the picture I attached shows up. I requested that the seller make the repair or provide a credit so I can do so. They chose to make the repair and had the roof inspected by a roofing company who only caulked the flashing. The lifted shingles and uneven areas were not addressed yet, they provided a certificate and inspection report that says,

“The inspection reveals that the roof and roofing cover is in satisfactory condition with no evidence of leaks. Roof is water tight, not worn out and has an estimated physical life of 3yrs. Roof, substrate and ventilation all in good condition.”

Does this sound like an accurate description with known issues with the shingles and unevenness of the roof? I’m not sure how bad the shingles have to be lifted and roof uneven to be consider unsatisfactory condition, but I would think this would have at least been The report reads as if those problems don’t exist. Ot, are they not problems at all? Also, there is a question of the age of the roof. The roof was advertised as being 5yrs old, but the inspection says about 3yrs of life left. Weeks ago we asked for the receipt from the roof replacement 5yrs ago and sellers said they would provide it. Now, they are saying it’s not 5yrs old and that they made a error in the advertisement. This is suspect. The home is 38yrs old and they did some serious renovations in 2007, so at best the roof may be 13 yrs old. I looked up the type of shingles, Owens Corning Oakridge, and see a lot of bad reviews from actual home owners, with them lasting as little as 5yrs before problems. But then again, other shingles could have similar problems.

I really want this house, but don’t want to make a bad decision just because I love everything else about it (aside from the roof and some plumbing issues we are trying to sort out too). So, I don’t want to make a mountain out of a mole-hill due to my roofing ignorance, which is why I wanted to get some insight from those of you who may be roofing professionals or have a fair amount of experience to pull from. Any information provided would be great, THANKS!

The fourth pic of the gutters were prob caused by ice damming. The roof looks fine. Home inspectors are mostly just amateurs trying their best. Best to trust a roofer. Most of those can just be caulked (the wall flashing)

Awesome, thank you so much for the response and advice.

Just want to say upfront that I am not a roofer nor have I done any roofing work. But I am about to start on my own roof after carefully researching the trade. Hopefully I can give you some tips - based on what Ive researched and read.

Alot of things can cause unevenness. It can be the underlayment, the decking, unsupported rafters, crooked rafters, crooked ridge beam, high heat from the house, high heat from outside, age of shingles, etc.

All in all, to fix the unevenness would add a huge cost to the roofer to fix the foundation for the shingles to lay on. So it comes down to the individual roofer, the situation, time and money constraints.

Replacing the shingles and felt is priority 1 for most roofers would be my assumption for cost reasons. And then comes the other stuff.

The foundation that the shingles that are to be laid on is usually the carpenters problem but roofers take the end blame for any aesthetic problems. This means that roofers must go above and beyond roofing and know other trades if the end result is to be perfect.

Thanks for this information, very good to know. It’s possible issues like that you mentioned, which makes me concerned that the roofing expert pretty much ignored the the eveness and shingles. Even if he found that these weren’t serious issues, I would feel more comfortable if he was specific in stating that it’s nothing to worry about.

Your picture isn’t showing up very clear to me but from what i can tell the most likely cause is a rafter being a bit higher than the rest. If that’s the case its nothing to be alarmed about and certainly wouldn’t deter me from buying the house if i really wanted it.

I would also like to add, that inspectors are not suppose to give a life estimate on parts from what Ive read.

The disclaimer at the top of his report might as well say “I have no idea what i’m talking about”. I find it really insulting the level of incompetence in the home inspections industry in my area, and that those people get paid $ for it as well.