Roofer damaged the sunroom's roof

Hi we had a new roof installed and included in the new roof was the sun room which has a flat roof. The roofer completed the job, the inspector approved the job and we thought everything was fine. A few days later we noticed the ceiling in the sun room caving in, we took a look at the outside roof of the sun room and noticed that it looks wavy. We had our handy man take a look at the ceiling of the sunroom and he said that the roofer must have stepped on the wood or thrown the roll of shingles and broke the wood. We called the roofer to come and see the damage that was done by his roofers, he said he would come and take a look and never came. He does not return calls either. What can we do? Do we need to get another licensed roofer to repair the sun room or can our handy man repair it give us an estimate and we take the roofer to small claims court for the cost of fixing the sunrooms roof?

Post some pics of the damage however court questions are best to be answered by a lawyer. Also I wouldn’t trust many “handymen” to do a flat roof, they are the easiest type of roof to mess up imo.

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The first thing I would do is call the roofer again, and send email if you have their email address, and inform them before you go to Angie’s List, Google Reviews and the BBB, and before you file a suit against them, you’d like to invite them over to review and fix the problem. Give them a reasonable time frame for showing up. If they don’t, get a competent roofer (which usually isn’t a handyman) to come out, assess the damage, document if it appears freshly caused and give you a quote for repairs. Proving the other roofer caused the damages may be difficult in court. But most companies care enough about the cost of bad social media reviews they will want to belly up and fix it. If not, you probably chose the wrong roofer to begin with.

Thank you so much for the advice. I will call them again today.