Roofer covered old roof vent cut-out holes with tin metal?


I did a recent home inspection and was shocked to see how a roofing contractor had just covered over the old roof vent holes in the 5/8’’ plywood sheathing of an 8/12-pitch roof with #15 felt and pieces of step-flashing tin-metal. He had removed all of the old RV-50 roof vents and subsequently installed a full-length ridge-vent. The home, located in the Cascade Mountain foothills, had adequately sized 2x6 roof trusses spaced 24" OC for snow load consideration. I argued to the roofing contractor that tin-metal spanning over the approx. 8"x8" cut-outs were inadequate for both maintenance concerns involving a person walking upon the roof, in addition to heavy snow load consideration.

To resolve the deficiency, I told him I would like to see solid 2x blocking nailed in from the attic with replacement 5/8" plywood filled in from topside. Of course, this would require him to remove newly installed architectural laminate roofing in order to do so. He balked. Alternatively, I told him he could then purchase new RV-50 roof vents and re-install them in the existing old cutouts. Yes, redundant high ventilation, but an easier and acceptable solution.

Who agrees with me and my remedial choices…and who agrees with the roofer position of simply using tin-metal to cover over the old roof vent cutouts? And why?




Can I pick a 3rd option? I don’t care for either two. The blocking would be my 2nd, but that would be more work. It’s not easy to climb to a top of a truss and nail in blocking. Adding more vents would short circuit the vent flow. All roofing manufacturers are against it and that would be bad advice to give your client.

I would remove enough shigles to cut back the decking to a truss and fill in with appropriate decking.


A couple of brands make a product designed for this.
Called smart plugs, wouldn’t bother using it when the roofs wide open as it would be just as easy to cut back and replace the sheet.
Would be appropriate in this circumstance.


Thank you Ohio,
Yes, I like your 3rd option even better. I was not aware that adding more high ventilation would cause additional problems. Thank you for sharing!


Thank you Patchcap - I’ve never seen this Smart Plug product. I’ll do some research on it. I have not seen it at ABC or Allied Roofing, but then I never asked. Where did you see it sold?


I’m in Canada,but they’re US made. Company called quarrix.


Good call patchap. Around here they were stock item around for a short time a few years ago. They are available, I just searched on Amazon for ‘roof vent plug’ and I could have one in two days.


Yeah I have never used one, as it makes more sense if we’re doing the whole roof to just replace the plywood.
If I was in this situation, I wouldnt hesitate to use them, they should be perfect for this.