Roofer Charges Due to "Unforseeable Issues"


One call tell if it is multiple layers by walking on it, this doesn’t tell you how many layers though.


I don’t know about where you are at, but here L-drip is the most common and it is easy on most roofs to bend it up enough to see or feel how many layers are there without damaging it. It is also common to leave the old drip in place and just go over it, so you can count the number of drips sometimes. C drip on rakes can make this hard to do without causing damage, but for L drip and most T drips it works fine. I don’t know of any professionals around here that don’t count the layers before bidding a shingle roof. Just like I don’t bid flat roofs without a core cut. Having a provision for extra layers is up to you though.


Same here. If in doubt, I always lift the drip and look. I also do it to see what the decking material is. In my area, you might get stung with the old sawmill, #3, 1 X 12 decking. It’s the worst material for decking. I pride myself on giving a quote that has a 100% guarantee, that’s the price you will pay. Why? It’s because of this exact issue with this homeowner and roofer. I don’t want to be in this situation. My bid covers me. If I have any doubt about framing, siding or a decking issue, I note it in YELLOW and go over it and the possible cost, right up front. Many of the roofers on this site do the same thing. This roofer, who didn’t do his evaluation, gets exactly what he deserves.



So you are saying the roofer should eat the $3800 and chalk it up to a mistake? He never went up on the roof for estimate; they simply used a drone.


If your contract said remove all roofing material and now he wants more money because he didn’t figure on the other layers? It’s not your problem. Drones and satellites are for best guess measurements. They don’t find rotted wood, multiple layers, rotted fascia and soffit. Ask the roofer how many jobs he returned money to the customer for making a mistake?


IMO it’s hard to call it a mistake when It sounds like he didn’t even make a reasonable attempt to make an accurate scope of work.

Removing 2 layers is frequently more than 2x the work of 1 layer and so on.

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Yeah I agree with what axiom said. If it was something unusual case where it would have been super difficult to tell there were other layers I would say they have a case, however “roofers” who don’t even get up on the roof get no sympathy from me.

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