Roof Wedges

A while back a topic was about sponges.Most responded about couch cushions or other square type of sponges.

ABC has a sponge approximately 18" wide and around 3’ long and 4" thick.It also has a built up end that the shingles catch on stopping them from sliding down the roof vertically.

I used them but they (IMO) held under a bundle and when it was hot the shingles would roll over the stopping area.

These wedges are the sh**.I use them up to a 10/12 with ease.I have used them on 11/12 and 12/12 but they would have to be used vertically.

These sponges will hold 2 bundles at a time.They are cut with 2 angles,1st up to a 8/12 and the other for steeper pitch.

The sponge shown is new and the older 1 above it is about 2 months old.I am paying $18 per sponge.It is money well spent IMO.

I,m using something similar that I made out of a foam mattress they will only hold a bundel at a time but would’t roof without them. Where are you getting yours from roofmaster?

we use old couch cushions.

Ha ha ha! Yes, every sloped roofer uses those! I use old sofa cushions from sofas I seen on the side of the road with a “free” sign. I get one of my labourers to tear it up and use the foam from it. I don’t care what size they come in, they are handy to use on slopes less than 8/12. I never hold more than two bundles of lifetime shingles on them, but that’s just me. :slight_smile:

I use couch cushions for about everything. They protect gutters, protect me from falling from a steep roof and protect me from burning my keister, etc.

Man we use them on 12/12’s works awesome…

we use cushions on almost any pitch if its a 2 story we will put jacks about every 7 foot. The only part i dont like is when my jeans get turned around completely sideways… haha

when i was roofing i used couch cushions too there one danger with them, they can roll up on you and roll you off,had this happen couple time but i was so high up on the field of roof i was able to stop my self .But i have heard of roofer going completly off roofs. alway at least run a scaful on the bottom.

On used couch cushions-bed bugs have totally infested some of the ones I’ve picked up of the street. Keep them separate from your gear if you can until they’re cleared out from the hot days. DDT was the only pesticide that controlled them back in the day.


Man we use them on 12/12’s works awesome…[/quote]

Back when I was working for another Vancouver company we used to use them on 12/12s but then I seen some accidents that led up to homeowners vehicles being repaired at the companies expense and several employees looking for employment elsewhere. Thankfully I was never at fault, but ever since I have stopped using them on 12/12s. :slight_smile:

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