Roof Washing

Algae staining has become more and more prevalent in my area over the last decade or so. I am considering adding roof cleaning service to my roofing biz. I work in a very “high-end” area in the North Jersey suburbs of NYC. We have tons of million dollar plus homes with ugly roof staining. I am familiar with the bleach,water and TSP solution and have used it in the past with some limited success. Has anyone here tried any of the “pre mixed” solutions available all over the web? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

We use American Roof Brite. It does what it says it does. Just did my girl friends, dads, McMansion and it looks brand new. Environmentally friendly too!

Tar, are you a licensee of the Roof Brite products? If so, send me a PM or Email with your contact info; I wanna talk to you.

Yes we are. PM sent.

Install zinc strip, or copper strip under your hip, when it rain it will create a chemical reaction, preventing discoloration or algea to grow.