Roof vent length


Had a home inspection conducted and the inspector pointed out that my roof exhaust vent pipe needs to be 6-feet in length and it is only three feet. The vent was installed when the home was built in 1972. Rather than have to compromise the roof by tearing this one out and putting in a new one, are there safe, to code options to just extend it? I am in Southern California.

Appreciate any advice.


You can remove that pipe and just install a longer one or longer sections to get above the roofline out of view. No need to remove the roofing. Although, you need some fasteners in that head wall below the window and a storm collar on the 4" pipe also.

HD sells diff lengths of gas B vent, that is not a difficult fix.


Code says 2 feet above any roofline within 10’, otherwise you’ll have downdraft issues.

While your up there, that wall flashing is sticking up pretty good. Nails and caulking or roofing screws to hold it down

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Thanks for the replies. Helpful on both suggestions.