Roof Under Warranty, Pay Original Roofer to look at Roof?

I have a roof that is 8 years old with self-adhering underlayment that is melting. Contract I signed said roof install included a 10 year leak free warranty. I call roofing company that installed it and they set up a time to come out and look. Guy comes out, takes a few pictures and agrees underlayment is melting. A couple of weeks later I follow up with company and they tell me defect is not their fault and they’re sending me an invoice to look at the roof. At no point did anyone with this company tell me there was a service charge nor did I sign any contract for them to look at my roof. Guy didn’t even lift a shingle let alone get up on the roof. Just took a few pics of underside of roof decking from the top of my attic access ladder. Any thoughts here?

I can’t speak for what other roofers might do when it comes to charging for looking at a roof, but I think you should ask the installer, what the name of the underlayment was. What if its not ice and watershield? It could be modified base. Who knows. Is it running down the fascia of the house? Did they use this on the whole house? Is is a low slope?

Underlayment was GAF Stormguard, not Grace Ice and Watershield. Stormguard was specified in the contract. I watched some of the installation and remember the crew rolling out the underlayment. It was grey in color. Melting underlayment (black rubberized asphalt) is not running down fascia. It is dripping through the shiplap decking and nail holes. I have another post on here about it with photos. Yes, underlayment is installed on entire roof. Roof slope is 5:12.

I expect the Contractor Warranty is for workmanship, not materials. Sounds like you may have a manufacturer’s warranty issue. Good luck with that given it is GAF. I would have thought the Contractor would have tried to help you instead of send you a bill. That’s not what we would have done. We give a 5 year workmanship warranty and stand behind it. 95% plus of any workmanship defects will show up in the first 6 months to 2 years. It would be easy to say we give a 10 year to 20 year Workmanship Warranty if we had no intention of ever honoring it. That’s what so many do.

I’ll even predict what GAF will say. “Inadequate ventilation.”

I believe you are going to find that if the original installer doesn’t want to help, which charging you to come look tells me he doesn’t, you will have to pay someone for advice. If it’s not causing a problem, I wouldn’t worry about it. If it is, id move my luggage out of the attic

Just to add. If I pulled shingles off, I wouldn’t be able to tell you if it was stormgaurd or not. Grace puts their name, but the rest are either slick or sand so without paperwork, or receipts your pretty much going to be out of luck.

Intent of my post is to solicit opinions on paying the invoice. I did not sign a contract nor did I give a verbal agreement to pay for any inspection. Invoice is $165. I didn’t even ask them to inspect the roof. They asked me when I’m available for them to come take a look.

Part an original copy of your contract, scope of work and the warranty document you received from your contractor. Then we can offer an unprofessional opinion in response to your request. For a true professional opinion, contact an attorney.

Some people don’t provide a warranty document. Among those that do, some state there will be a service call fee if the problem isn’t due to their workmanship. It is impossible to offer a worthwhile opinion based upon the data you provided. Not to mention, we’re only hearing your side of the story.

Good luck.

Thanks for the reply. Found warranty documents and lo and behold, there is a clause about a service charge. “Service Charge - If a claim is made to the company under this warranty, a repairman will be sent to investigate the source of the leak. If it is determined that the cause of the leak is not from faulty workmanship or is not related to the roof, homeowner hereby agrees to pay for a service call at the rate of $65 per hour including travel time to and from the address of the repair. Payment will be required at time of inspection”. Well, dang, I didn’t see that. Wasn’t informed of it on the call or when the guy came out. But there it is in writing. Seems like kicking a man when he’s down but it’s looking like I’ll have to pay it. Not sure I agree with amount. At $165, they charged me effectively 2.5 hours for 15 minutes worth of looking and an hour’s worth of driving to and from their office (according to google maps). And offered zero help with regard to a warranty claim with GAF. Could have at least provided a letter that stated something like “We believe there is a material defect in the underlayment that we installed”. Anyway, I attached the warranty doc. Service charge is note #11. Happy to share other docs but I think based on warranty doc, I’ve got to pay up (which was my implied question for this post). Thanks for the help.Roofing%20Warranty%20Docs%20-%202011-07-22_Page_5

Call them, ask to speak to the Owner. Dispute the charge and point out what is, in your opinion, very poor Customer Service. We have the same clause in our Warranty but in over 10 years, have yet to charge anyone. It’s there in case we run into a Customer who wants to constantly call to be irritating or for whatever reasons.

Keep in mind it is also there for the times we show up and it is actually the chimney cover leaking or something caused by painters, siding or gutter work that has been performed subsequent to our job completion. Our vehicles aren’t free, we have to pay people we send out and the gas isn’t free. I would wager 80% of the Warranty Calls we get have nothing to do with our workmanship.