Roof support or can I remove?

Trying to open attic space up, but I have the two 2x4 tied together from floor to roof. They don’t seem to be supporting anything. When I go and push on them they wiggle back and forth with no weight on them. So what do you think? Can they come down? Thanks for the help!




With that roof design I wouldn’t remove them unless you add support as part of your remodel.

Ok. Thank You for your input. I’ll check with a local contractor to see what other options I have.

Looks like a strong back supporting the ridge beam, I would add longer collar ties if you want to remove.

The rafters are fully supporting the ridge board. That was used to initially hang the ridge board, but is no longer needed. It started out in the way of that gable vent, and was moved there.

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Thanks for all your help. Looks like I’m going to just remove it.

I hope you haven’t found yourself in a pinch after removing it.
I just came across this post and feel the need to tell you we do not have enough facts to advise you.
The attic space is very specious indeed, but the construction by the photo is not be sufficient in the context of roof load calculation.

Looks like those are 2x6 rafters, and can’t see if you have at least 1/2" decking over them.
Looks like the rafter span from ridge to eave is more than 20’. Also, looks like to roof is on a 24"OC vs the wall on 16"OC.
Based on this, your roof rafters/framing is bearing more load than ideal.

I would suggest that you install knee walls on both slopes reducing that span from 20’+ to somewhere about 10’ - 12’. Otherwise, next to possibly needing some wind bracing, if you are in the area where heavy snow is common, you could face some serious liability.

Just let us know what happens.