Roof shingle help

Hello - I am having second thoughts on my roof shingle choice, need help. I was debating for weeks over Certainteed Landmark Moire Black or Certainteed Landmark Charcoal Black.
Looked at tons of pictures. Tried online apps and couldn’t get accurate read on colorview from Certainteed website.
My roofer gave me ten addresses of homes to look at. I drove around at different times, took pics etc.
Finally decided on Moire at the last minute because I didn’t want it too black and wanted variation. Also Moire looked like it had blue and Charcoal looked like it had more red.
Roofer told me charcoal would be solid.

Now I have a sheet of grey on my roof and am SO disappointed. Am I’m just freaking out or not seeing the color variation?
I have a brick front house, cream sides and dormers, black door/shutters.

How do I fix this? I can’t add variation shadowing to roof. Will the color change?
Considering repainting shutters a different black.
This is not my forever house (I hope)
So sick of looking at roofs

The Certainteed moire was the prettiest (charcoal) shingle in the world about 10 years ago.
When Certainteed used to print on their sample boards” “”Where light and dark colors blend for a natural look”

Certainteed removed that saying…

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Roofer was right when he said charcoal would be solid.
That is the one that has variation.
The moire today has little variation.

You were worried it was going to be too dark.
Now you are freaking out it is too light.
Please relax.
It is going to grow on you.
And dont beat yourself up over this.
In a few days you are going to love your roof
And you will be troubled by something else.
Peace be with you!

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THANK YOU for your replies
What do you mean by variation? Inconsistency or shadow pattern?

The sample board did show light/dark pattern on the Moire and none on the Charcoal, that’s why I ultimately decided on Moire

So frustrating that colors are so different from what you see on other houses and sample boards
If I could have I would have purchased three sheets of each color and climbed on roof beforehand - when I asked my roofer looked at me like I was nuts

I’ll upload pictures later today

We did several houses in the same street with the old morie black TL now neighbors want that roof and nothing comes close.


No need to worry about it. Actually in my opinion Roofer was right once he aforesaid charcoal would be solid. That is the one that has variation. The moire nowadays has very little variation.

I can relate to your thoughts - I was there about 2 years ago when I had mine re-done. Different colors, though.
Debated for a long time, and finally went with a very light color - grey with light blue/tan speckles, but mostly looks grey.
Then after the paperwork was done, I did some drive-bys and changed my mind and decided to go with a darker brown with a redish tint.
So I conveyed that to the roof quoter.
Came time to get it done, and I didn’t go out looking at the new shingles until a couple hours into it.
The color was the grey color with blue/tan speckles.
Called the roofer, we can eat the cost to re-do at this point - maybe $1000/each - or go with the original color.
Stuck with it, so they kept on going.
Had the fascia all replaced as well, so they primered it white.
Had a dark brown for the metal - valleys and drip edge.
Once all done - I loved it - the fascia pops, the dark metal shows off the roof lines, and the light grey looks great all combined.
Luckily I hadn’t yet decided on house paint colors, but the roof then drove that decision for me.

Color can be such a funny thing, though. I had a color expert out to help - the colors she suggested seemed a little crazy to me - white had too much yellow, and the grey looked too much like purple.
I guess everybody sees things a little different…

I had a friend say I was putting too much energy into the roof, the colors and the vents. Said nobody pays attention to those things.
Nice to hear there are others that pay attention to it all as well.

Thank you all for your supportive comments.
Much appreciated and so reassuring to know there are other “roof observers” out there.

The roof looks okay.
It’s not the end of the world.
If I ever re-roof in the future I will simply find a way to buy several sheets of the roof shingles and make a large moveable sample.