Roof sales mastery

Looking to get some real feedback on the Roof Sales Mastery courses that deal with claims and supplementing. Are the courses worth the price. We’re new to dealing with claims and info is scarce. Any opinions, advice or feedback appreciated

If you are new to dealing with claims, I would not recommend taking a course for supplementing, I would hire a 3rd party supplement company to do them for you. It takes a lot of time and effort to supplement and even with a supplementing system, it still takes time to learn how to properly put it together with the appropriate documentation and being able to defend your estimate with an adjuster off the cuff takes some experience. Insurance claims are a whole new ball game and you will want someone who knows the rules.

But in order to learn and get good at something, training and time is the only way. Why would you not recommend someone not to take the proper steps to get better? My question was about the actual company and others like them. Are they teaching the real deal on supplementing.

I disagree. How can you reply on a third party if you don’t know how to do it yourself? The majority of those third parties are very mediocre. They take the easy, low hanging fruit and send you a bill leaving lots of money on the table. Especially if they sense you don’t know any better.

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Well that is like saying all roofers are scam artists. There are third parties that actually are genuinely trying to help the homeowner and don’t just do a half ass job. A good business person hires the right people that are good at what they do to handle the jobs that they do not know how to do. Supplementing is not something you can learn overnight, it takes a tremendous amount of time to do it correctly. It is the companies that think they know it all and know what they are doing that are leaving money on the table by not hiring someone who has been doing it for almost 20 years and knows how the insurance claim process works. It is not knowing what to supplement, it is knowing how to justify and sending in the proper documentation to back up what you are asking for. When you don’t know what you are doing and it is not done right, the homeowner is not getting things that they were entitled to, which means they have been screwed over twice: once by their insurance and then by their contractor.

Actually, when you hire someone else to do it while you are trying to learn how the whole thing works, you will learn from every updated insurance estimate you receive from them by what was supplemented and it will help you learn and grow and if at a later date you choose to do it on your own, you have actual proof of what is getting approved by the insurance company.

You wouldn’t hire a waitress to run a bar, you would hire someone who has experience running a bar. If you don’t understand the process and you decide to just wing it, you are not doing right by your customer.

Sounds like I hit a nerve. I’ve personally seen a number of mediocre supplementing companies. Surprisingly, some are relatively large and fairly well known. I’ve seen a number that have no business supplementing or being a PA period. To be clear, that’s not to say there aren’t good ones, there most certainly are. But if you don’t know how to supplement yourself, how would you know if they’re good or not?

I’m not referring to you by the way. I don’t know who you are and have no idea what you do for a living. Based on your handle, I assume you are involved in some way with supplementing.

You’re welcome to your opinion. I think I know just a little bit about supplementing and am capable of forming my own educated opinion on the matter.