Roof sagging and shingle problem?

I haven’t ever dabbled in roofing issues, and after a few strong storms I walked around looking for any damage and noticed some concerning things with the roof…

Could you help me out and let me know if this is a serious issue or what else I should be looking at to see if there is damage?

Any information would be greatly appreciated. Roof age is ~8 years old. Bought the house 3 years ago and had inspection with no roofing concerns what so ever.

Image 1 & 2 show a possible sag in the roof line. If you look at the middle of the house and go to the left it looks like it drops and then remains flat the rest of the house. Only point of dip is by the middle.

Image 3 and Image 4 both show shingles starting to ‘cup’ by the gutter. Rest of the roof looks great, just these two areas starting to concern me.

Father in law is coming over this weekend to look at it, but I would like to see what you think.

Thanks in advance.

image2|640x480 !

When I click the link it only shows one pic. And its hard to see much detail in that pic (or my phone just isn’t high res enough for it). Storms won’t cause a sag in your roof, if you have one its likely been like that for a while and a result of settling or just build that way. Shingles do start to cup as they age although 8 years is a bit early for that to happen.

Agreed with island roofing.
Storms didnt cause this.
It already looked like this.
Its just not a perfect plane and thats ok.
The shingles are in fine shape.
Quality, thick architects. (Rare)
I think you are
Good for a long time.