Roof rigid insulation - plywood on one side, foil on another


Trying to find 1.5" thick rigid insulation board for my roofing project - need one with osb/plywood on one side, aluminum foil on another.
Found nailboard from JM, nailbase hunter panels, atlasroof ACFoam® Nail Base boards, but they are all without foil.
Any suggestions?


Nope, you won’t find it. Nailbase, or nailboard, is as close as you will come to a bonded product, with a paper/fiberglass facer on the opposite side. If you must have the foil back insulation, you will have to add the plywood or OSB yourself


Here it is:

B. Insul-Base:
Here is a real money saver– We combine a Perform Guard EPS core with a nailable surface of OSB or plywood,and a vapor barrier of reinforced aluminum foil. Highly energy efficient and quick to install, Insul-Base eliminates the costly installation of three separate layers.