Roof replacement with abestos ceiling

Can I replace my flat roof and shingle in my roof without worry my acoustic popcorn ceiling containing 5 per cent chrysotile being disturbed. And if I should take precaution . I dont want to scrape the popcorn ceiling. And if not safe to replace the roof is there any ways to prevent it

Yes it shouldn’t have any impact on your ceiling.

So u think I’m safe of any particle dropping in my room or carpet. Was just worry since they use hammer or staple to do the shingle and tear upmflat roof. But on my safe side I was thinking go home depot and get the 12 ft to tape onnside of wall all around house so at least catch some particle or if any been disturb. Just the part I ca do.

I wouldn’t worry but everyone is different. I wouldn’t want a baby crawling on the floor eating ceiling particles but I certainly wouldn’t be scared to vacuum some residue up. It’s not nuclear material.

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