Roof replacement issues

Hi, I’ve done some searching around here to see if anyone else has had issues similar to what I am seeing after my roof replacement and I do see some similar items but want to confirm for my case.

  1. gaps between sheathing. I understand the recommendation is 1/8", some of my gaps are 3/8" and one gap almost 1/2". My understanding is that this is not ideal but searching this forum it seems somewhat common. The gaps seem to be mostly caused by their inability to push a skill saw in a straight line and the cuts are very wavy.

  2. a couple of the sheathing sections, 1 in particular, the nails missed the rafters by many inches. Is this something I should have addressed or not a big deal?

  3. My understanding is that flashing around brick is supposed to use step flashing with slots cut into the brick grout and metal flashing inserted into the slot and caulked. That’s not how their flashing looks, it goes diaganally down. Is this acceptable? Is this just an outer flashing and there’s more flashing under it that’s done differently? Another piece of flashing on a roof slope is installed under the next piece which would allow water to run downhill right underneath the flashing completely negating its purpose. The roofing company said it doesn’t matter it’s just exterior flashing and there’s something under it, what are your thoughts?

  4. looking at the nails from under the sheathing, they seem to be coming in at all angles. I’ve read that the nail needs to be at the proper roof angle to hold the shingle properly. Since roofers are all using nail guns and working at 100mph, I doubt they are ever at the right angle so is this a non issue?

  5. instead of cutting the sheathing around vents with a saw, it appears they just bashed a hole in it with a hammer, is this standard practice? Anything I should worry about?

Thank you very much for your input, this forum seems very helpful. If it matters, the house is in Charleston, SC.

No alarming issues here.

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