Roof repair gone bad


Husaband sent a roofer to get an estimate for minor roof repair. Roofer never gave estimate but went back to husband’s workplace to ask if he should go ahead with reapir job. I guess my husband said yes but a contract was never signed and estimate never given. Hurricane Gustave damage to roof over our sunroom Only one side of the sunroom roof was missing about 1/3 of shingles. Most missing on ridge as well. Roofer wants to charge $500.00 When I checked the repair in the dark last night with flashlight I was mad. Architectural shilgles nailed down with only 3 nails each the ridge cap was covered with cut up pieces of the architectural shingle that I could pick up and lay back down. A slight wind of 25mph would probably blow them all off. The area repaired was no bigger than 10x10 on a slope of about 30 degrees and no more Did I get screwwd or what? Weather right now is a chilly 58 degrees does the weather have anything to do with the shingles not staying down. I can easily lift them Roofer didn’t even use 1 full square to make the repairs. Do I get him to fix or get someone else? Had another roofer come today to take a look and he said the job was not done right. No contract signed and my husband gave the ok but I am the one who owns the house. What course of action do I have to fix this?


[quote=“krpitre”]Husaband sent a roofer to get an estimate for minor roof repair.
Minor roof repair huh?
You mean you thought it should be cheaper?
Roofer never gave estimate but went back to husband’s workplace to ask if he should go ahead with reapir job.
Your husband said yes to do the repair without quoting a price? or pricing at all? really? I dont think so.
There had to be a quote about something.


You guess your husband said yes? wow.

It sounds like you feel that you paying too much.
It sounds like you are looking for reasons not to pay him.

You are paying a reasonable price but you should expect a good job.

The roofer should come back and easily address your issues-- add nails to 4 where ever there is only 3
and replace cap shingles.

Call the roofer and tell him you dont accept the archs as cap shingles and to bring a bundle of cap shingles and nails too and you will pay him after he is done and you inspect it. Have him come prepared to do it when you are there.

then after he’s done and paid- be nice.
But Dont hire him again or refer him to anyone.

But If he really never said a price to your husband
at all(which i have a hard time believing)
—than you tell him the price!


thanks for the info but if you knew my husband you would understand my dilemma ther was absolutetly no quote on price and since my post I have ha a second roofer come out to look at the job and he said it was done improperly and that it should have only costed $250.00 for the job


“if” it was done right $500 is pretty cheap


Tell hubby he’s cut off till you are satisfied with the roof. He’ll probably climb up there and fix it himself.


it sounds to me like you think that you are being taken advantage of but to me you are not.If the area is 10x10 then the 500$ price is reasonable.
The second roofer sounds like a clown and "his price’ is very low and i don’t think anyone here would do the “minor” repair for that amount.


I agree with Z. 500. is nothing for a roof repair.
Maybee you just have buyers remorse.


$500 for 1/3 of the roof shingles replaced and most of the ridge cap… that’s very reasonable.
He should have never used architectural shingles for cap and should have put at least 4 nails per shingle though (especially in a hurricane zone).

I agree, ask him to come back with the correct caps and add the correct amount of nails, then pay the man.


my setup charge is $250 (thats even if i have to only install 1 shingle). We have insurance to pay you know. $500 is a good price.


dont pay attention to the lifting shingles on top of the ridge vent thats normal.
not liked by me but normal.

you will probably make more trouble that its worth,
to try and fix something.

no leaks.
leave it alone.
it will lay down and stick together soon enough.