Roof Prices in Tennessee / Alabama - is this TOO LOW?


Hey there guys,

Do these prices seem way too low for you or normal for the area: If you are in Tennessee / north Alabama area, and if you were doing work in rural towns (5000-10000 people) … at least 30 miles from big city.

Install architectural shingles: $150/sq - labor + materials + overhead/profit, no tear-off/dumping.

1 Layer tear-off: $20/sq
2 Layer tear-off: $30/sq
3 Layer tear-off: $40/sq

Assume roof is 1600 s.f. ranch simple walkable 1 chimney

Thanks all!


Is that labor only? Your question is unclear.


@Authentic_Dad I will correct OP

$150 = labor + materials + overhead/profit (no tear-off/dumping) … basic simple walkable ranch


That isn’t low, that’s ridiculous. I think local roof crew is going to charge at least $60 to $65 per square plus something for the chimney. Dimensional shingles are probably running around $66 per square plus sales tax so say $71 per square. I would think at minimum, you’re at $100 per square for materials. So you’re cost is at least $160 per square. Now, deduct tear off, you’re still at $140 per square for your cost.

Workman’s Comp for roofing in Alabama is $40 to $42 per square. I turned a cash bid job in Birmingham away today for 40 squares, $10,000 ($250 per square). I told the guy if it were Jan or Feb and we were trying to keep one of the good crews fed, I might consider getting close to that but normally would be in the range of $12,000 for a cash bid and higher right now due to the hail storm there.

Bottom line, even in that market, I can’t imagine doing those jobs for less than $225 to $235 per square and I’d have to be fairly hungry to consider that.

Also keep in mind, labor has gone up due to all the storms. Rates in Birmingham have gone up almost $20 per square if you want a good quality, full crew with insurance.


@Authentic_Dad thanks for explaining that. Now you always mention a getting a (sub) crew… but what if roofer has his own guys? Now you are not at $65 / sq. but are paying your guys hourly/daily.

I do agree this seems very low, but is possible

What about tear off? Now that seems extremely low to me.



It all seems very low. Tear of maybe not so bad if they’re providing a dumpster. If they’re expecting the contractor to handle disposal, way low.

You would have to figure out your crew productivity to determine if you could make it at those rates. Even with your own crew, I think it is a low ball rate. If one were really starving for work, it might suffice for awhile. But why would you? You could drive to Birmingham and get work immediately at better rates.


@Authentic_Dad it’s not for me - as I said in and other tread - I’m in Boston.

A gay in that neck of the wood is asking me for advice - that’s all.



Understood. Regardless of who it is, I think that rate is too low.


With cost at $165. What do you like to get? $300? Just curios…