Roof over

Has any one torched bitumen over a spuded rock roof?I believe It should be spudded clean and 1/2" board installed but Im being called to apply over existing scraped clean roof,after installing glass base.Its a large project and I am concerned.Any experiance with this would be appreciated.

Yeah, we do it all the time, spud it back, set a blower on it and go. Make sure to cement your tie in though in case the boys were’nt to careful when spuddin.'
Why the glass base sheet though?..never done that before

You can do it, but it is a recipe for a blistered roof in the future. Instead of just a glass base, I think I’d use a vented base sheet. Also, a lot depends on what is beneath the existing roof.

Naturally, I always recommend a tear-off before installing new roofing.

A small percentage of gravel jobs are easily able to be spudded clean.
A large percentage of gravel jobs are very difficult to spud.

The odds are way against you.

Smaller rock spuds easier.
Larger rock spuds harder to almost impossible.

To repair gravel, you spud it.
No manufacture warranty, just yours.

Whole new roof on a large project?
Are they concerned over a manufacture warranty?
Is this the pea gravel and you have already test spudded an area?
If you haven’t done that yet, you need to before you say anything.

If you can’t spud the gravel easily with your spud bar with just a couple of swings… then it all needs to come off or You need to stick to your guns and insist on the half inch recovery board(fiber board)

If you can spud it easily and you really can get a smooth, flat surface than you will have a GREAT roof.

If you can’t spud it easily and you can’t get a smooth flat surface, than i think the job is kinda crappy.

And as Krakerjack said,
Why the glass base sheet though?
Why punch thousands of holes all the way through my beautiful membrane that i just broke my back over spudding and cleaning?

The torchdown burns good to it.

If you are going to punch holes all through it anyway then you need to insist on installing the 1/2 inch recovery board and delete the spudding part.

yeah i dont like base sht when torching to bur.
it just seals to good to smooth bur.
its the same if you mopped a 2ply and torched a cap.
makes for on hell of a roof.
spud your bur clean and torch directly to it.