Roof over

Is it really necesary to lay down felt over a roof(duthlap)when I will be attaching 30yr dimensional.I will be just blowing out the job but it is high in a few places.maybe the felt will let finished product look better.what do you think?

what is a dutchlap roof?

He said “duthlap”, thilly.

haha…what is duthlap?

Ya my bad Dutchlap.Never heard of it? :roll:

Sure ,just never put shingles on the outside walls ,just on the roof.

i dont use felt when i go over another roof.


Most manufacturers recommend against putting felt over shingles when doing a roof over.

I’ve torn off roofs that have had felt pancaked between the two layers of shingles and can’t say if it was bad or good for the roof system.

Unless your laying 5in exposure laminates the shingles WILL telegraph through and will look bad.